Where to Buy Affordable Packaging Supplies | Small Business Packaging Materials

In this video I share Where to Buy Affordable Business Packaging Materials for my Small Business
Shop my brand here https://fabrics.kimdave.com/

Websites shown in video
1) Tiny Box Company(Plain & branding packaging materials) – https://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/
2) Kilby Packaging (Plain & branding packaging materials) – https://www.kilby.co.uk/
3) Hallmark Labels(Branded packaging materials) – https://hallmarklabels.com/
4) Pack Help (Plain & branding packaging materials) – https://packhelp.co.uk/
5) Vistaprint (Branded packaging materials) – https://www.vistaprint.co.uk/
6) Wunderlabel (Branded labels, swing tags, size and care labels)- https://wunderlabel.co.uk/
7) Contrado(Branded swing tags, custom fabrics and more) – https://www.contrado.co.uk/
8) London Trimmings(Care labels and garment hardware wholesale price) – http://www.londontrimmings.co.uk/
9) Amazon (Plain packaging materials)

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Website where I shop 01:21

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31 Tips to Reorganize Your Whole Closet

1. What to donate and what to toss?

2. To help you actually see everything you have, a non slip flocked hangers can make room to hang more clothes.

3. Instead of letting you boots constantly flopping over

4. Slot in a multi-tier shoe shelf to make every inch of the space beneath your hanging clothes functional.

6. You could also use a scarf hanger that can stash away on your closet rod until you need it.

7. Organize your folded items like yoga pants or white t-shirts with a shoe box in drawer.

8. Using command hooks, give every pair of your sunglasses their own designated place.

9. Add rod and extra baskets on the back of your door to give you some extra space.

10. To keep purses standing up straight and stacks of sweater in line,

11. Stack your favorite clutches or wallets easily with a lid rack so you can always find the perfect one to match your outfit.

12. The back of your door can be an ideal spot to display all of your jewelry.

13. If you have the square footage for it, use a storage ottoman to replace random baskets and bins all over the floor.

14. Stack your baseball cap collection with a cap rack using unused space behind your door.

15. With an adjustable-height double-hanging rod, you could instantly multiply your hanging space with zero effort to install.

16. Install a stick-on moion-sensing lights so you could actually see the cute dress that got buried in the back.

17. Hang five pairs of jeans while taking up less than half the horizontal space with this specialty pants hanger.

18. Use a valet hooks as an extra rod space in disguise since it can fit several pieces of clothing and when you don’t need it, simply stow them flat away.

19. Put all of your shoes on display with several of these builder’s-grade wire shelves upside-down.

20. You can store bedsheets in their matching pillow case to keep them together.

21. Use Soda Can Tabs to Create Double Coat Hangers

22. To help plan your outfit every night before bed, you can use a pull-out valet rod.

23. A hanger made especially to organize belts…could also be used as a space-saving tank-top station.

24. To save more space in your drawer,

26. Using a divided organizers, keep all of your bras, tight and underwear in a precision order.

27. Make a quick and elegant earring organizer on a cork board or on a small stretch of bare wall by stretching a length of chain between pushpins or nails.

28. if your built-in shelves don’t go high enough, then make use of *all* the vertical storage you have by adding small shelves on top so every bit of space serves a purpose.

29. Store the bags and purses you use most often by hanging them behind the closet door.

30. Use a protective fabric bag to pack away your seasonal items so you can let it sit at the top of your closet or slide it under your bed.

31. To save even more space, compress bulky items for storage with a plastic garbage bag and your vacuum.
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