Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes For A More Secure Package

Anytime that you are posting any objects that could possibly break throughout the course of the  journey you should try to make sure that you have given the contents as much protection as possible. A large part of the protection that you give to anything you send is going to be in the form of how you pack it. You should try to provide as much cushioning inside your box as possible in the form of bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Using corrugated cardboard boxes can be a good way of providing a bit more strength to the external layer of your package.


If you package your presents or goods into a corrugated box then they will end up having a much higher level of protection when compared to a bog standard box. The extra strength comes from the fact that they are made by using two layers of card with an extra corrugated layer that is placed between the other two. It is this middle layer that adds the extra protection as the wavy card has a much higher strength to it than the normal flat layers. If you want to add even more strength to your packaging then using a box that is dual layered will be even better. These are made with two corrugated pieces combined with three normal pieces to give your box a much sturdier frame.


Making sure that you have not only packed your items correctly but also used a box that has got sufficient strength should mean that the contents are protected from all but the heaviest of collisions. If the item that you are posting is one that is more fragile than most then it makes sense to attach some fragile packaging tape to the outside of the box to highlight the fact. Due to your parcel being passed around from the sorting office to the actual courier or delivery driver, they need to know that what they are handling could break.


By using corrugated cardboard boxes to send your items then you will minimise the risk of damage happening as long as you have also given a good layer of protection inside as well. However, if you need to send something that is extremely fragile, very expensive or both then you may be better off employing the services of a more specialised delivery method to make sure that your item will definitely arrive in the condition you expect it to.

Written by E-Commerce Manager of Storm Trading, Chris Roche. For more information on cardboard boxes, padded envelopes or any other packing products check out our site and see what cheap cardboard boxes and mailing bags we have available.

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