The Romance of Envelopes

Letters have a romantic air to them, but do not forget the romance of the envelopes that contain them as well. Write down a return address and a send to address and affix a stamp and suddenly an envelope becomes an amazing mode of transportation that can carry an important business document, a casual greeting to a friend, or the feelings of love from one person to another.

These envelopes that are wrapped around sheets of paper with only their addresses and stamps giving the faintest clue to what they hold within may leave one intrigued as to what may be discovered inside.

Envelopes may be purchased and come in many sizes or colors. Or you can make your own envelopes from magazine pages or any other scrap paper lying around that is large enough. Simply take apart another envelope and use it as your template. Or the piece of paper you plan to write your letter on can also be folded in a way known as origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, so that it becomes both letter and envelope.

In the modern world with its technological advances of computers, Internet, and e-mail the use of envelopes may not be as common anymore or seem that important. But the use of envelopes and the letters within them may be more important than ever because of those things. A letter and envelope may seem more personal than an email.

The tactile feel of the envelope as fingers touch its skin of paper, the visual appeal of handwritten or typed words in ink, the moment of cutting or tearing open the envelope that has been sealed to keep away prying eyes of all but the one the letter was intended for all these things and more make the seemingly ordinary and often taken for granted envelopes, something that is instead rather special if one takes the time to notice.

Samantha Black loves everything to do with white envelopes and she also really likes bubble envelopes.

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