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How to Save Money on Wardrobe Boxes – DIY Moving Tips

Want to avoid having to buy wardrobe boxes for each? If you are moving yourself and not hiring a full service mover you can likely save money and space by using our trash bag technique. All you will need is some trash bags and rubber bands to avoid purchasing wardrobe boxes for your relocation. More do-it-yourself moving tips at http://www.movinglabor.com!
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Using IKEA storage items to organise those deep shelves in my wardrobe/ closet/ cupboard however you like to call it!😊

I am not sponsored just mentioning!

✔️Link to make DIY organisers

✔️Pink Stuk Storage Box-


✔️Samla Clear Storage box


✔️Flarra Mini Chest-



✔️Storage box with compartments-



✔️Adjustable Divider Inserts



✔️Child Safe locks

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Packing – How to Pack a Wardrobe Carton

View this Kearney Moving how-to video and learn how to pack a wardrobe carton. Because of its hanging bar, the wardrobe carton is designed to pack clothes since you can pack the carton reasonably full to utilize space and the clothes will be held in place on the hanging bar. However, because of its size, the wardrobe carton can also carry larger items like sports equipment and toys.
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Latest Wardrobe Boxes & Supplies News

You'll require lots of boxes
… company, ask whether the boxes and packing supplies can be dropped off several weeks ahead of your scheduled move date, or order boxes and packing materials online. Make sure you have boxes in a variety of sizes, from book boxes to wardrobe boxes …
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Moving? Here's what you need to know to ease the way
You're going to need a lot of boxes and packing materials, and I mean a lot. Whatever your estimate is for what you think you need, double it. Really. Check local email groups for postings offering free moving boxes. If you are using a moving company …
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Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Packing most possessions safely is a relatively straightforward process. While most of us own at least a few very fragile items, most are pretty solid and sturdy. Examples include books, DVDs, furniture, bedding, pots, pans, and files. We really don’t have to worry about their safety during a move. Clothing certainly is durable in its own right, but we can we pack it just like any other item?

To answer the question, you could. You could take all the clothing from your closet and pack it in regular moving boxes.

But, what about the expensive articles of clothing that you possess? Whether it be a gown, jacket, shirts, or pants, my guess is that you would probably rather not pack them into a box just like you would a bunch of books.

Let’s face it, some articles of clothing are just not meant to be folded. But how do we get around this when moving?

You could just leave them on hangers and throw them in the back of a moving truck or your own vehicle. If you are doing a short distance move, then you’ll probably be just fine.

Sure, you could fold up all your clothing and place them into a box. You could fold that dress, or those dress shirts. But do you really want to?

When you fold nice clothing, don’t expect it to look pretty when you unpack it. That will be just one more issue you will have on your hands during your move.

This is particular the case for long distance moves. What’s the solution? Wardrobe moving boxes.

In essence, they are like mini portable closets. The size varies depending on where you purchase them, but they typically are 24x24x40. They come with a bar just like what you would see in a closet, so you can hang your clothes as opposed to folding and packing.

These boxes are also very strong, so you can pack other boxes on top if need be. You won’t have to be concerned about it collapsing and causing damage.

I have seen at least one wardrobe box with a bar that can hold up to 150 pounds distributed. In other words, you can pretty much put as much clothing as you can possibly fit.

You can also place quite a few shoe boxes at the bottom of the box, so you save that much more space.

Once all your clothing arrives at your new location, you can take all your clothing out of the boxes and hang them in your closet right away. No unfolding and placing on hangers.

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