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Dollar Tree Mirror Box DIY

Dollar Tree Mirror Box DIY

Dollar Tree Mirror Box and floral arrangement DIY:
In this video, I create a floral centerpiece and a mirror box using all Dollar Tree items:

Quick and easy project with big impact!

Wire Cutters (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2rHeg6f

Diamond Wrap(Amazon): if this can’t be found at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Supplies:
2 bunches of white roses
5 mirrors
duct tape
diamond wrap
hot glue
floral foam
wire cutter

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Diy Large Floor Mirror Using Cereal Boxes! Simple and Inexpensive Home Decor!

Headboard with Cereal boxes: https://youtu.be/GcpIFO7NkUg

This Diy Home Decor Mirror is a Simple, Quick and Inexpensive way to have a Large Floor Mirror Design using Cereal Boxes! The Mirror costs .88 and the Cereal Boxes were items I already had at home. It is a Unique, Quick and Easy Floor Mirror Idea. It is an Elegant way to Display your love for Decor in a grand style for less using Cereal Boxes! This is a Way to Add Style to the already existing Home Decor. It is a Diy Budget Friendly Home Decorating idea. It is also a Modern Home Decor.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor Piece for the Home.

Here are the items used:
Cereal boxes!
Mirror from Walmart (.88)
Gems from Walmart
3 Foam Boards (Walmart)
1 Large Trifold Board(Walmart)
Gold rust Oleum Spray Paint

This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

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Mirror Box Therapy For Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can be caused by either too little blood to the brain, a ischemic stroke, or too much blood in the skull, a hemorrhagic stroke. Damage to the brain cause by a stroke may lead to problems with speech as well as movement in a leg or arm. The area that suffers damage and the extent of that damage will depend on which area of the brain was damaged and how badly. Studies show that both physical and mental therapy techniques can be used to improve the patients responses, and various types of stroke rehabilitation are encouraged to help regain speech and motor functions.

Stroke Rehabilitation Programs

Stroke rehabilitation typically includes both mental and physical therapy techniques. Patients are encouraged to continue with both in order to combat the damage that has been done to the brain. As well as regular exercise for those areas of the body that have been afflicted by the effects of stroke, there are other complementary exercises and therapy techniques that can also be considered.

Repairing The Brain

Following a stroke, the brain effectively stops communicating with certain areas of the brain and stroke rehabilitation not only concentrates on attempting to rebuild the physical strength in those limbs but it also aims to correct the balance between the brain and the limb.

Mirror Box Therapy

Mirrox box therapy essentially works by fooling the brain into thinking that the effected hand or leg is still working and this helps to encourage the brain to restart its communication with the limb. The brain will actively open pathways that have laid dormant until that time, so that these can be used to assist in your recovery.

Stroke Rehabilitation Methods

Use of the mirror box is a simple procedure. The affected arm or leg is placed into the mirror box behind the mirror. The eyes and therefore the bran cannot see this limb. The unaffected limb is then placed next to the mirror box and the patient exercises their healthy limb. The brain sees a reflection of the healthy limb and over time believes it to be the injured limb.

ReflexPainManagement.com provides everything you need for effective mirrox box therapy to aid in stroke rehabilitation , from the box itself to helpful guides and exercise programs.

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