Researchers find new use for packing peanuts

Researchers find new use for packing peanuts
Environmentalists hate packing peanuts as much as plastic grocery bags, the microbeads in your face wash and those loopy things that hold your six-pack together. Packing peanuts are a prime example of packaging turned pollutant. In most cases, they're …
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Scientists turn packing peanuts into power
Batteries powered by the pesky polystyrene packing material? Researchers say their new process creates better batteries with less environmental impact. Woe was the day in 1965 when Dow Chemical unleashed packing peanuts onto the world. For while the …
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A Surprising Discovery: Packing Peanuts Could Have a More Eco-Friendly Use
Now, Purdue University researchers think they stumbled on a new, greener life for packing peanuts. The team discovered a crushed and baked version of starch or polystyrene peanuts can provide a powerful electrical charge when placed in the negative end …
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