PAC Worldwide Celebrates 40 Years

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) March 06, 2015

Two companies based here and situated miles apart celebrate their 40th anniversaries a month apart. One is a software giant and the other is a global leader in flexible packaging. If you have ever shipped a product in a bubble mailer from UPS®, FEDEX® or USPS®, or if you have ever used Scotch® brand bubble, then you have used a product manufactured by this global leader, PAC Worldwide Corporation.

PAC Worldwide celebrates today its 40th anniversary since its founding as a company by Phil and Cathy Boshaw. In their words, “Whenever we think about PAC, we quickly bypass its humble 1975 ‘spare bedroom’ beginning, and focus, with wonder and pride, at the current 600 strong company that it has become. PAC’s success is not of our making, but rather it has been the team of people along the way for the past 40 years, that are responsible. Today, the innovative spirit, talent and dedication of the PAC team is what drives it. The people of PAC are it’s ‘heart’! They not only defined who we are today, but they are writing story of our future.”

Now, forty years later, the Company founded in a ‘spare bedroom’ continues to innovate and grow, with manufacturing facilities around the world providing sustainable and recyclable products to the e-comm, courier, retail, banking and medical markets. PAC Worldwide president and CEO, Jim Boshaw, leads a team that has nearly doubled revenue in the last eight years. Jim notes, “We are well positioned for growth. We have good traction and are gaining momentum in key growth markets in the packaging industry. Use of small parcel mailers and protective packaging is on the rise and the team at PAC is ready to meet the demands of the market with world-class service, quality and value. The future is bright.”

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