Making of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes can been see every where around us. They are made up of wasted boxes.  Pulp which is made up of disposed cardboard boxes are used to manufacture these boxes. These are used for a variety of purposes. They are used in the packaging of computers, various gadgets and many other things. One of the main reasons they are preferred is that it is eco friendly. The company gets a green or “eco friendly” trade mark. These corrugated boxes are strong, light and can be recycled. From the smart phones to the pizza and fruits in your home is packed in corrugated boxes now a days.

The ever growing advantages of corrugated boxes are one of the reasons for their vast popularity. They are becoming the first choice of many. The can be made in a short period of time and they are readily available. Behind every corrugated box we handle, a tough manufacturing process is hidden. Corrugated boxes are manufactured inside specialized industries known as box plants.  They are usually transported in bundles and are the only materials that are transported in cartons.  The corrugated boxes are made considering the need of the box. Some boxes are made to transport valuable goods like smart phones and other gadgets so the toughness has to be ensured in these kind of boxes.  Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated paper boards.  These are readily available and not much expensive. The cost factor is one of the important things that people consider to buy these boxes.  

Generally corrugated boxes are manufactured of one of more layers of flutes and liners. This is the factor which will depend upon the strength of the boxes. If the corrugated box has to be more strong more layers of flutes and liners is to be used. Corrugated boxes are available of different types namely single walled corrugated board and single faced corrugated boards.  The machine which is used to manufacture corrugated boxes are known as corrugating line. Sometimes triple walled corrugated boxes are manufactured in order to attain more strength.  

There will be three layers as I already said and in these three layers there will be a wavy middle layer which is pre heated and stemmed to a temperature of almost a 100 degree Celsius. This process is done to soften the natural elements. There will be a long sheet of paper unwinding the rolls, this paper is often known as webs.  After some processes these are stacked one above the other and are allowed to dry. The next process is the conversion of these corrugated sheets into corrugated boxes. Flexo- folder gluers and Die cut machines are used to accomplish this task. Once the corrugated boxes are made into their respective shapes they can be transported to the companies in need.

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