Let's end Styrofoam waste

Let's end Styrofoam waste
Used for coffee cups, plates, meat trays, egg cartons, food trays, ice chests, as well as those despised foam-packaging peanuts that practically leap out of boxes (or attach to our clothes from static electricity), polystyrene foam is the most …
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Cracker Jack Replaces Prizes With Codes For Mobile Games
Cracker Jack — aka America's original junk food — announced Thursday that the iconic mystery prize found inside each package would be replaced with stickers bearing digital codes for mobile games. … “buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack …
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New shipping company starts at ASU
Third, using Kaargo eliminates the need to buy wasteful and harmful packaging such as brown boxes, peanuts, bubble-wrap, Styrofoam and plastic packing material and other completely wasteful materials. At scale, eliminating this unnecessary waste – if …
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