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A Book Club short story: The Clancy Kid, by Colin Barrett
Fandango's was a hot box. Neon strobed and pulsed, dry ice fumed in the air. Libidinal bass juddered the windowless walls. I was sinking shots at the bar with Dessie Roberts when she crackled in my periphery. She'd already seen me and was swanning over …
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When snow flies, salads get substantial
Meaning fried chicken tenders propped on top of a bed of greens doesn't quite cut it. Of course, salads are easy in summer. We celebrate sun-ripened tomatoes in a caprese salad, … Most grocers carry these alongside the packaged produce. Keep a box in …
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'The Goldbergs': What It's Like Going Back to the '80s for 'Ferris Bueller'
4, 2014: I arrive at the Beverly Hills Country Club a bit early and the first thing I see is black a car on a flatbed truck that looks strikingly similar the red 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder convertible featured in the movie. Whoa, they're …
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