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What Knives You Can Carry Where In The United States
If you simply want a knife you can carry anywhere, then look for something that appears utilitarian and harmless in nature — a Swiss Army knife, utility knife or a multi-tool that includes a blade — and stick to blades of 2.5 inches or less. For some …
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"The Advanced Utility Knife": A Sliding-Blade Utility Knife With Its Own
People all seem to have one, sometimes two, junk drawers in their home. A utility knife is a common item in one of these drawers. Tradesmen use utility knives every day on the job site and they are also great for the Do-It-Yourselfer and the handyman.
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Airport intruders bike on tarmacs, speed cars down runways, even board jets
Another rammed a sports-utility vehicle through a security gate at Philadelphia International and sped down a runway as a plane was about to land. At Los Angeles International, … A few had knives, and another was caught with a loaded handgun. None of …
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