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Study suggests snacking on this nut could help fight obesity
Meanwhile, Huffington Post reports that while just about any nut can make for a healthy, fat-filled snack (yes, peanuts are technically a legume…), almonds have the benefit of packing the fewest calories. (Scientists have just engineered an even …

Utica Greens Are The Dopest Meal You Can Make With "Greens" In The Name
Here's the dumb thing about boiling greens: You might as well replace the actual greens with paper pulp or shredded packing peanuts. Boiling escarole will leave you with a pot of fragrant, green, nutrient-rich water, and handfuls of grey, bland …
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Warning: this article may contain words about peanut allergies and new therapies
Peanuts canvassed the packaging. And if the picture didn't give anything away, maybe the description "ERDNÜSSE (PEANUTS) GESALZEN (SALTED) GERÖSTET (ROASTED)" certainly did!!?? Is this just the monster of liability legalism impinging further on …
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