Instant One Media Announces New German-Sourced Air-Release Cast Vinyl

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

In it’s prime, China was the go-to source for reasonable, low-priced product. As demand for higher quality increases in the marketplace, Instant One Media has stepped in to the vinyl market and flipped it on its head. The company’s 2014 Q4 announcement confirms rumors of a new German-sourced air-release cast vinyl.

Instant One Media President, Alison Smith, comments. “Nearly all private label vinyl is sourced from Asia. Distributors mark them up as they get passed to other distributors. This leads to high priced vinyl that is just ‘ok.'” She continues. “At Instant One Media we’ve earned a large market share by sourcing private label vinyl and 54 inch laminate from alternates other than China and by sourcing direct. This allows us to exclude middle-men and pass savings to consumers. And we’re continuing that direct-to-consumer approach with our latest air-release cast vinyl.”

Specification of Instant One Media’s latest vinyl product are spectacular.

    IOM No BubbleTM CAST Vinyl

    GLOSS: 4110-G

    Finish: Gloss

    2.26 mil calendared PVC film (made in Germany)

    95# PE-coated silicone release liner

    Expected outdoor durability up to 8 years. (Actual results may vary if exposed to extreme conditions).

    Adhesive Semi-Permanent Gray solvent/acrylic. Final tack 48 hours.

One of the in-demand features of Instant One Media’s air-release cast vinyl is its compatibility. Application offers air-release, no-bubble technology for fast, bubble free application. Available to use with Solvent, Eco, UV and Latex printer, their latest product is already driving change in the marketplace.

For best results printers are recommended to calibrate media feed, bi-directional and optimum heater settings before using. With a suggested maximum ink load of 300% set to 540 dpi, 8 pass offers a good balance between quality and speed.

Technical Data*

    Durability: 8 years

    Thickness (material only): 2.26 mil

    Adhesive Strength: 4 lb/in2

    Elongation: 125% (across & along)

    UTS: 26000 psi (across & along)

    Optimal Installation Temperature: 45 ÌŠF – 95 ÌŠF Temperature Range: -35 ÌŠF – 170 ÌŠF

    Flame Retardance: non-flammable on metal Storability: 2 yrs (cool, dry, no direct sunlight)

Don Berglund, Instant One Media Manager comments. “Our new product is so diverse and so affordable that the applications are endless. Recommended uses include long-term outdoor signage, vehicle graphics, wraps, and even irregular surfaces.”

To learn more about Instant One Media’s new air-release cast vinyl or to read about buying direct from the company, visit or call 404-228-6329.


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*Technical Data is for informational purposes only. Instant One Media has tested this material and the information is based on interla experience. The company does not provide a warranty or guarantee. Prior to use, customers should determine if Instant One Media vinyl is appropriate for their application.