Holiday Window Boxes

Few days from now Christmas is coming to town. I bet everybody’s excited to fill their homes with interior decorations. Trim their Christmas tree with wonderful holiday ornaments and attach a holiday wreath on their door. Everything about Christmas is pleasant for everybody.

Every year our concept for home improvement is the same. We have same old Christmas tree, wreaths, and other common Christmas embellishments. For a change, have we tried something unique that could catch our neighbor or guest’s eyes when they see the patio or can be inside our home? It would be best to try something new in our house, something pleasant yet unique decoration that could create a different look to our home during the holiday season.

Why not try including our plants, plant stand, window boxes and hanging plants as part of our home Christmas decorations? They would surely be head turners to people passing by our home. These home accents can be of great value because they do have multi-purpose especially the flower box and hanging baskets.

Flower boxes for instance are perfect home accents. They don’t only work as plant containers. They also compliment windows and patios. We can surely put flowers that give bountiful blooms. Example of which are violet flowers, campanula, kalanchoe, etc. that would give the exact beauty that we need for our box. As holiday decorations, flower box can be given some accents like silver, red and green ribbon (that definitely will depend on our interior Christmas motif), Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments that can be attached and easily removed on certain surfaces.

Another example is the hanging basket. As per some online stuff, hanging baskets are easy to create. But we need to be creative as not to spoil the beauty that hanging baskets bring. Just like the flower box, hanging basket needs to have bountiful blooms of flower. These blooms bring out the beauty of the hanging basket even if it is plainly made. As Christmas decoration, we can add some holiday ornaments like silver bells, and ribbons to the basket.

Whatever we do so long as the spirit of Christmas is in our hearts, we will always have a merry and joyful Christmas. Happy Holidays!


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