Good and Bad Side of Chewing Gums

Study shows that bad habits are amongst the most common reasons of having dental hardships. These bad practices the use of smoke, coffee and other food products that can produce bad bacteria, like candies and chewing gums. As stated by analysis, most Americans chew 300 pcs of chewing gums per year. These chewing gums are identified to be among the top-grounds of getting various dental problems.

Chewing gums are popular food brands which are usually use to alleviate stress and kill time. In the previous years, chewing gums are utilized by ancient Greeks as mastiche (a tree sap) and tsiclte to ancient Mayans. Though chewing gums have gone far today, its main purposes never changed. Modern chewing gums are created from synthetic base – the reason of getting sweet and soft flavor. It is comprised with flavoring and coloring which doubles its sugar-content. Sugar is the number one source of getting tooth decay. That is why both men and women are strictly recommended to minimize the use of chewing gums.Clearly, chewing gums heightened the chance of various dental problems, like tooth decay. Gums are consisted with too much sugar that could endanger the teeth. Sugars have acids which can break down the tooth enamel. Excellent news is you are no longer required to prevent chewing gums as modern gums today are sugar-free!

Indeed, you heard it right. There are many sugar-free chewing gums presented today. Unlike the tooth-destructive gums you used to know, sugar-free gums promote good oral health! Sugar-free gums help stimulate good saliva production. Increased saliva can help your mouth free from food debris and particles. As few of us know, good saliva flow can strengthen your tooth enamel because it is packed with minerals. These minerals can be absorbed by the teeth. As per expressed by American Dental Association, chewing sugar-free gum for twenty minutes can improve your oral health. To ensure that your selected chewing gum is free from sugar, consider to look at the ADA seal. This will show the scientific evidence of improving your dental health. In addition, sugar-free gum is also helpful for elliminating stains. There are actually various teeth whitening gums offered these days. These chewing gums are enclosed with lower doses of chemical tooth whitening agents. Nonetheless, sugar-free gums only have tiny amount of whitener. Thus, it always pays not to exchange good oral hygiene from sugar-free gums.

As you consider sugar-free gums, don’t forget to perform the right oral hygiene. Always brush and floss your teeth daily to ensure your teeth are free of bacteria and other culprits. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are the most recommended kind of toothbrush. This doesn’t damage your teeth and doesn’t make your gums bleed. Fluoride-rich toothpaste is also the greatest pair for this toothbrush as it could eliminate food particles and stains. Of course, don’t forget to floss daily.

Remember that appropriate oral hygiene will always be the vital key to realize a good oral health. Also, consider to consult your dentist regularly. Your personal dentist will observe your mouth and might suggest you the best sugar-free gum.