Courier Boxes

Courier boxes are not mail boxes. They are something far more practical, and something that is desperately needed by multiple building facilities. Units allow for quick and convenient transport of paperwork and small nonperishable items. Occupants can transfer these essentials from building whether or not the person they are intended for is present or not.

This saves a great deal of time, because otherwise the person sending the materials and the person receiving the materials would have to synchronize their schedules at the expense of other matters. Materials can also be couriered from the outside world in exactly the same manner, with the materials reaching the intended recipient only in a convenient time frame.

This is all made possible to the secure nature of courier boxes. Each unit is protected by a three point locking mechanism and comes with two keys that only the intended user of the courier may possess. This ensures that no unauthorized access occurs. Although this is not mail service, it is every bit as secure as mail service.

Accountability and process flow are easy to track with these delivery boxes because each sender and receiver are responsible for the items they transfer through the box. The box itself can be placed in a location where security cameras can monitor its use. This will ensure professionalism and honesty on the part of the users.

Due to the highly secure and very practical nature of these boxes, they are highly relied upon by the United States Armed Forces. Every base has these boxes positioned throughout the compound in key locations. Vital communications and important small items are delivered routinely in this manner through the appropriate chain of command.

Another consistent user of courier boxes is the corporate world. Large corporations are characterized by multiple building complexes that span vast amounts of acreage. Some campuses are so large people have to drive from one side to the other because the distance is too far to walk. Units can be setup along the main routes between key buildings.

When installed in this manner, they can function much like mailboxes. Employees can even setup a courier route to follow each day as they drop off materials at each building that are vital to the operations of various branches within the company. Vendors, clients, and partner organizations can also use these courier routes if they choose to deliver something specific to a decision maker in one of the buildings.

Institutions of higher learning are yet another major user of courier boxes. Files that are constantly being updated and printed in hardcopy can be moved very quickly from building to building in this manner. Professors and administrators can have exclusive access to the materials they need to do their jobs. Students can also use these boxes as a secure means of turning in papers if the appropriate arrangements have been made with the professor in advance.

Courier boxes are made from 14 gauge steel and finished in powder coat. They surface mount to a hard flooring or concrete surface. Placards can be custom-engraved and adhered to their surface for labeling. Units are tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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