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As China’s market economy, the deepening of reform in the past 10 years, the liner board and corrugated paper consumption growth rate of 13%.

At present, China is becoming a global major supplier of daily consumer goods, paper packaging demand will continue to continue to grow. 10 years ago, our main products are ordinary cardboard box cardboard and corrugated paper-based, fiber material is also used by local non-domestic waste paper and wood fiber raw material-based. Since China’s lack of high-quality long-fiber raw materials, so far, there is no 100% virgin kraft pulp and kraft linerboard production. At present the highest quality of our production is imported kraft linerboard OCC mainly used as a noodle virgin kraft pulp production; followed by the OCC with 100% imported kraft linerboard production.

Three types of packaging board, coated board in 1992? Imports in 1999 increased year by year, then as the domestic level in many modern paper machine put into operation, its imports declined by the year. Currently many manufacturers have mastered the production technology and has advanced production equipment, both in the domestic market with strong competition.

Other two types of packaging board, kraft linerboard and high-strength corrugated paper case in 1999, the same as before and coated paperboard. From the import and consumption of three types of cardboard can be seen, the future of China’s paper industry and the international focus of competition of other countries, that consumption of fiber material advantages and market advantages of competition between. Coated paperboard category is not to adopt long-fiber paper with a market advantage in the current conditions, stronger, so imports will decline further. But must be a large number of species of long-fiber paper, such as high strength kraft linerboard and corrugated paper, due to the shortage of long-fiber raw materials can not be improved in the near future, the growth trend in imports is inevitable.

For kraft linerboard, the classification of imports last year found that nearly 4 million tons began coating kraft linerboard, which both have well-printed high-strength paper surface species will be rapid development in the future. Investors are advised to be able to attract much attention.

New board machine technology and equipment of

Nationwide, nearly 50% of the total board are copied by those under 2m wide rotary screen machine in production. The paper machine obsolete equipment, raw materials used are generally based on local acquisition of the paper, and some also use some semi-chemical, semi-mechanical method of production of straw pulp. The quality of these products are generally poor in our country belongs to C-level products, such packaging board are used for comparison within the region a strong seasonal sales of consumer goods packaging:

For another 50% additional production capacity, its technology and equipment levels were quite different. Can generally be divided into three categories, technology and equipment to the world leading level, leading domestic and world advanced level, and the more advanced domestic level. In order to improve the international competitiveness of papermaking enterprises, many enterprises in the continuous upgrading of technology and product structure adjustment. For power companies, the new project, using the world-class technology and equipment is completely necessary. In addition, our fiber diversity and variability of raw materials also affect the stable operation of such equipment as a negative factor. In operation, the advanced equipment also need to have many well-trained human resources, although the small number of units of production, but the requirements are too stringent. So far, the domestic production and operation of such equipment in the mills is a handful.

Currently being implemented and planned projects, the majority adopts the international advanced level of technical equipment, such technology and equipment can also be said to be the most practical or most effective. They are used in the actual design has been very mature and practical technology, of course, some companies are now also has the technical content of projects implemented under the above categories, but also for China’s national conditions, and more importantly, for the enterprise itself the development of the law.

To catch up with international standards as soon as possible, the proposed possible manufacturers, professional equipment manufacturers with foreign cooperation, with the introduction of technology, sell key components, and other means to improve the supply of equipment, technology and equipment. In addition, as soon as possible ways to improve the level of our equipment is to cultivate and develop the domestic construction companies, engineering companies through which, the paper-making equipment at home and abroad effectively combine resources to provide an attractive price for the paper-making enterprises, advanced technology and equipment After the project engineering services.

Although China has now begun to enjoy some of the cardboard with the world advanced level technical equipment, but truly and internationally competitive products, the so-called effective capacity is not large. To date, the single output of 10 tons or more of the board production capacity in the proportion of total production capacity remains low, thereby increasing the effective capacity is a priority.

Cardboard fiber supply industry Cardboard is the largest proportion of resources consumed fiber paper kind, so it would have a significant impact on cardboard industry. The long term, China can not use the wood fiber in the paper to achieve self-sufficiency. At present, the fiber board industry resources mainly come from waste paper. Although China’s waste paper recovery rate should be improved, or is likely to increase, but a significant proportion of paper and board with the Chinese consumer goods are exported to foreign countries, but the number is considerable. This shows that the international market price of waste paper will be on board the domestic manufacturers operating conditions have an important impact.

Known as the paper industry has two major problems, one is the construction of capital and the other is the fiber raw material problem. In recent years, due to paper and paperboard market grew rapidly, with exactly the fiber material in the international market for many years a very low price, thereby leaving the paper industry a better profit margin, it attracted many domestic and foreign investors, making the paper industry’s investment in it is very active. Can be said that the problem of construction funds is gradually eased. But the fiber raw material problems in the past few years and not much of any substantive progress. Therefore, each large enterprises, research to solve their long-fiber raw material supply is a priority.

According to the latest statistics, the consumption of pulp in 2002 totaled 34.7 million tons. Of which 11.1 million tons of non-wood pulp, wood pulp, 7.4 million tons, 16.2 million tons waste paper pulp. Worldwide, consumption of paper and paperboard production

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