Choosing The Ideal Type Of Cardboard Mailing Tube

Whatever your profession, you probably have, or will eventually have the need for mailing, shipping, transporting or storing documents, blueprints, banners or materials; in most of these cases, cardboard tubes are the perfect package to deliver your merchandise in the most protective encasing, while making a good impression, and occupying little space.

There are many different types of cardboard tubes, and sometimes, the decision of which one to use is not given all the importance it should have. For example, if you need to make a presentation using a poster or banner, you should not transport it in a plain brown mailing tube, as it would look poorly, and the impression you make on the attendants could be damaged; for this specific case you should use a telescoping tube, which will make you look more professional, and is not expensive at all.

The simplest type of cardboard tube is the brown one, which can be generally found in two presentations: with white plastic ending caps, or snap sealed. This type of tube is useful for paper documents that you need to maintain protected, they are reusable and recyclable, and can be purchased in almost any size imaginable. The principal advantage of using ending caps, is that they provide extra protection to the contents of the tube, as they help maintain the circular shape; another benefit is that by purchasing extra caps you will be able to cut the cardboard tubes to custom sizes, thus maximizing the efficiency of the product you bought. Snap seal are easy to close tubes that don’t require end caps or tape to be closed, they offer slightly lesser protection, but will help you save time, as you will just need to pinch the ends closed to seal them; they are ideal for making instant deliveries.

If you need to deliver your posters, blueprints, or any other type of print in a more attractive way, you can use white mailing tubes; these cardboard tubes are strong and are also reusable and recyclable, and always include the ending caps. You can use printed labels with your company logo to make them look even better, and make a superior impression when distributing your work. However, if you want your deliveries to stand out, use bright colored mailing tubes, which can be found in a wide variety of shades, from black to golden. These tubes are perfect to organize different types of documents by color.

Telescoping tubes are usually used to transport banners or posters to meetings or conferences; they are pre-sealed on each end with metal end caps, but come in two telescoping pieces for product insertion, and in most cases have a shoulder strap that makes for easy transportation.

Cardboard tubes can also be used to store important documents, and in this case, you should go for the square or triangular mailing tubes, which are easier to organize, and ideal for space saving. These tubes don’t use caps, but tabs to be closed. When needing to store bigger objects, like auto parts, construction materials or banners, use heavy duty tubes, which are a sturdy oversized version of the plain brown cardboard tube.

Whether your objective is to preserve your documents or objects in storage, or make a delivery to make a big impression, or just to transport an important blueprint safely while looking professional and being comfortable, be sure to explore the possibility of using cardboard tubes, and making the selection that best serves your needs.

Esteban Bernechea is a doctorate student at Universidad Politcnica de Catalua in Barcelona, Spain.
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