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So excited to share my tips on how to tuck and transform your sweaters 🙂 It turns one sweater into SO many different sweater styles and has such an effortless look (perfect for holiday feasting!)

Walking you through my sweater tips, how to do each tuck, and I styled some “tucked in” sweater outfits to give you an idea of how to wear it with different outfit combos (navigation linked below so you can jump back and forth).

Hope this helps and thanks so much for the reco on this video! Let me know if there’s any other videos you’d like to see 🙂 and come hang out on Instagram:

Thank you so much as always for hanging out and I hope you guys have an inspiring day and holidays with your loved ones!

xx, mel

Sweater Tips: 1:28
Front Tuck: 2:15
Full Tuck: 3:13
Bra Tuck: 4:14
Side Tuck: 5:55
Outfit Ideas: 7:01

Some of the pieces I’m wearing I’ve had in my closet for a while and aren’t available, but linking those that are 🙂



WHITE KNIT SWEATER (not exact, but similar):




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Tuck-Top Boxes with Scallops

Paper Mart Tuck Top Boxes made of a selection of Italian embossed papers featuring a tuck over top with scalloped edges. The paper used in these boxes is not as thick as the cardboard gift boxes found under gift boxes. These boxes are specifically made and sold as “give away” boxes for businesses to use to package items for customers.

Visit to see our entire line of wholesale gift packaging.

Choose The Best Flowers For Window Boxes

Best is a relative term and that goes for “best” flowers. Nearly all flowers will grow in window boxes but some varieties are better suited than others. Generally flowers that do well in containers don’t need to be dead headed to keep blooming, have a moderate growth habit and roots that don’t need more than 12 inches or so of soil.

The location of the window box is one of the most important factors in how well the flowers bloom. Most flowers need at least six to eight hours of sun per day to bloom. However, there are a number of flowers that thrive in the shade. Begonias are fleshy leaved plants that have small flowers. The leaves can be bronze, pure green, or dark green. The flowers come in pink, white and purple. Tuberous begonias have flowers the size of golf balls and arrow shaped dark green leaves. Both do well in shade. Other flowers for shaded window boxes include monkshood, dwarf columbine, lily of the valley, impatiens, violets and pansies.

Window boxes that receive sun all day long need to be watered as much as once a day during the warm summer months. Lantana is drought tolerant and loves the sun. Zinnias do well with lots of sun and will pop right back if they wilt. Salvia is another good choice.

Plant the flowers in a plastic light weight window box using a potting soil which retains moisture. Line the inside of the window box attached to the house with a layer of sphagnum moss. Place the planted plastic window box inside the attached window box. These extra steps will keep the flowers from drying out so quickly. In addition the plastic flower box can be removed for a good soaking which might be difficult with the attached window box.

Probably the best location for a window box is morning sun and afternoon shade. Geraniums come in a myriad of pinks, purples, reds and white and do very well in window boxes. They are probably the best flower for that purpose. Lobelia is a low growing flower only four to five inches tall and 12 inches wide. It’s covered with small blossoms in brilliant blue, pale blue or light purple. Petunias are a window box standard. The flowers can be single, double, grandiflora or ruffled. Some flowers are edged in white.

When planting the window box, choose flowers that trail over the edges like alyssum, some that grow taller such as snapdragons for the back of the box and some that are bushy such as dianthus.

White flowers against a white stucco facade won’t do much of anything. Red snapdragons against red brick will be invisible. Contrast the flowers with the color of the building so they pop. The flowers can be contrasted against each other as well. Classic combinations include red geraniums, white petunias and blue loebelia. Or yellow coreopsis, purple larkspur and orange marigolds.

Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books and the novel “Over Time.” Dee also writes about how to start a business and how to repair bad credit

Bird boxes bring nature one step closer

There are many ways nature can be encouraged in the garden which vary in scale and cost from a simple bird feeder or bird table up to the more elaborate bird box or owl box. Additionally, you will discover squirrel feeders and bat boxes available, however what you choose will really be based on what you are interested in and the money available to you. If you’re looking for something mid range, then a bird or owl box is a great choice which can provide hours of enjoyment for all of your family.

Although cheaper and simplerthan the bird box, bird feeders can attract a diverse selection of birds into the garden. Strategically placed, in view of your window, you’ll be able to watch nature at its best for hours with the birds feeding from your bird feeder. Not only will you be able to enjoy watching the birds, but through the cold months of winter when food is not readily available you may be providing them with an important food source . Moreover, although not as advantageous as a bird box or owl box, bird tables or even bird baths may be source of great joy as birds descend from all directions to feed or wash.

If birds really are your great passion then the best option is really a bird box or owl box. Bird boxes can be positioned in various spots including mounting on a wall or fence, a tree, a telegraph pole or maybe against the eves of the home itself. The real joy of the bird box comes from nesting season when a couple of birds may take up residence in the bird box. And as time goes on, observe the adult birds building their nest, ready for the arrival of the chicks . Furthermore, the owner could even be privileged enough to see the very first flight of one of the chicks. To enhance this experience, you could install a bird box camera, to let you observe the chicks through their first precious days and not miss a minute.

In many respects an owl box is similar, except they come to life during the night because they are nocturnal creatures. Owls are magnificent hunters which are certainly a joy to view and behold. Again, an owl box allows the family to find out about owls from a great vantage point and the addition of a camera within the owl box is only going to improve the experience.

If you’re enthusiastic about nature, especially birds and wish to learn more about them, or simply observe them in their natural form, it is possible to encourage them into your garden. These can range from the very simple, in the form of bird feeders and bird tables up to the more elaborate in the form of the bird box and the bat box.

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of Garden Gift Shop, experts in bird boxes, the owl box and the bird box camera. For more info on bird boxes, the owl box and the bird box camera please visit

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Cow Boxes For Computers?

You can’t help but smile when you see those spotted black and white “cow boxes”. Whether it be the product inside or the thought of square cows, these boxes represent where the founder of Gateway came from. Ted Waitt had big plans for his future. Starting out in 1985 in an Iowa farmhouse, with a 3 page business plan, a $ 10,000 loan with the help of his grandmother, and a rented computer he made his dreams a reality.

By 1993 Gateway was a successful computer company. It was a Fortune 500 company listed on the NASDAQ, and because of its growing success relocated to the New York Stock Exchange. Most of Gateways success came from being the first manufacturer to produce color monitors with a standard 3 year warranty, and the option to buy these products online. They also produced plasma televisions and digital displays, that were becoming very popular at this time.

Gateway expanded even more in 2004, when they purchased the eMachine company. This company was known for its “value” computers. These inexpensive computers made a great addition to Gateways product line. By combining products and keeping the same product names, it presented consumers with a large variety of products to choose from.

Being bought by Acer Inc in October of 2007, Gateway and eMachines became part of the 3rd largest PC producers in the world. Not bad for a small business that started out in an Iowa farmhouse with one mans visions. Just as Gateway did with eMachines, Acer Inc. kept all Gateways names on their products. These products included all their notebooks, desktops, displays, gaming devices, accessories, and consumer electronics, along with eMachines desktops and displays. Gateway notebooks have several different series to choose from. Some are designed for mobility, performance, or flexibility. They also deliver value desktop models, performance systems, and all-in-one units. The display line has many options ranging from basic to 30-inch Extreme HD widescreen models.

Gateway stores not only sell their products but because of the company merges they are able to sell many others. You might find Sansa MP3 players, Turbo Tax software, PC games, cell phones, PDA’s, digital cameras, video cameras, and Microsoft Xbox consoles at Gateway stores. Gateway may be gone from the Iowa farmhouse, but their success still lives on and those special boxes remind us where it all began.

Nanette Aniston is an authority in PC troubleshooting at
For a free checkup visit and experience your PC at it’s full potential.

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Buying The Best White Shipping Boxes

The shipping box is quite a famous entity; in fact during 2008 -2009 a popular UK news channel tracked the progress of box for a period of a year whilst it traveled the world. The idea behind this project was to see how shipping boxes have made the world smaller, as you can post an item and request that it arrives within 24 – 48 hours which is much shorter than previous timescales. White shipping boxes have joined a family packaging giants and traveling gurus. These white boxes are particularly special and not just because you can put all manner of items inside them from delicate trinkets to insulated meats, but because the can be easily personalized to reflect your business.

White shipping boxes are generally made from cardboard or corrugated fiberboard. The corrugated element, which is a densely pleated piece of cardboard that is sandwiched in between two other sheets of cardboard helps to make these boxes very strong. Some white boxes are made from plastic, which is a man made and incredibly durable product that has to go through a complicated extrusion process before being turned into sheets, and then molded into the box that you buy. Plastic boxes have the added advantage of being waterproof and very long lasting.

The size of your box will be ultimately determined by what you want to put in it. In general these boxes are available in small, medium and large sizes. You might need to ship large products, but before you do this you will need to ensure that the box will still remain in tact when it has been packed.

White boxes are white, and unfortunately there aren’t different shades of white, so the box you buy will be a standard color. The advantage of having one of these blank canvas shipping boxes is that it can be personalized. For instance, you might need to label it if its being used for house removals, or you could send it to a printing firm to have your company logo on it. By putting a logo on a box you are gaining a bit or global advertising.

The best place to buy these boxes is online. This is because you are more likely to a higher source of suppliers who will offer very competitive prices which could make your purchase very cheap. Buying boxes online is also extremely convenient as many suppliers will deliver straight to your door.

White boxes are gloss white, snow white, pure white, in fact you can find any kind of white you can think.What more can be said about these shipping boxes other than if you want a box that is easy to personalize and will stand out, then you need one of these boxes.

Searching for a reliable source to help you find the correct Shipping Boxes For Sale? We help find the tags of your dreams such as White Shipping Boxes

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The Five-Dollar Wedding Centerpiece

Boise, ID (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Creating gorgeous wedding centerpieces is possible even for brides on the tightest of budgets. offers their flowers at wholesale prices, directly from the source, which can then be arranged by the bridal party or family members ultimately leading to huge savings. Their team of designers is always helping brides come up with creative and budget friendly designs. Here they present three of their favorite five dollar wedding centerpiece design inspirations for brides on a budget.

There are a few tricks to budget centerpieces that one can keep in mind for all of the following looks. Garage sales, thrift stores, dollar stores and family heirlooms are go to sources for vases, vessels and containers. Every look described below can be created with approximately one-dollar or less spent on the vessels themselves. One needn’t search hard as many of these dollar-type stores even offer online, bulk ordering.

In addition, clustered decorations in which the display focuses on two to four small pieces instead of one large centerpiece are often more cost effective. For example, using three small bud vases instead of one large vase will always require fewer flowers and save money.

Consider the overall table setup, using long tables placed end to end can allow for numerous small centerpieces to be grouped together along the entire length of the tables. This is often more cost effective than decorating individual tables separated from one another.

For a romantic wedding, the simple, delicate and romantic feel of Baby’s Breath cannot be beat. These small clusters of cloud-like blossoms reminiscent of air and lace are not just a filler flower anymore. Entire weddings have been created with just this simple, inexpensive and long-lasting beauty. For the five-dollar table simply group together half of a bunch of Baby’s Breath into a series of three or more tapered vases with a narrow opening, this helps hold the bunch together for a nice fluffy appearance. Baby’s Breath also looks great as a boutonniere, tucked in the flower girls hair or adorning the cake plate.

For a look that can easily be adapted to any wedding color(s) or theme pair a favorite flower, with candles and martini or wine glasses for a fun and colorful centerpiece. To create this look simply trim off the blooming head of a favorite full bloom flower such as a rose, mum or lisianthus; then, place the bloom on the table and cover with the wine or martini glass (the glass should be upside down). Finally, balance a votive-sized candle in either a matching or complementary color on the stem of the glass. Make this look stand out by displaying two to four glasses with different heights, shapes, and color combinations. Every other glass can be turned upright with the flower head floating in water. This centerpiece works great arranged down the length of a long table with a fun piece of material accenting it as a table runner. also offers a trendy selection of “DIY Flower Combo” boxes in which flowers have been professionally paired up for the bride. Perhaps their most popular combination box is the Monochromatic White Combo Pack, although similar combinations are available in a variety of colors. The combination pack is available in three size options so it can be carefully scaled to the wedding size and includes Limonium, Daisies, Gerbera Daisies, Snapdragons and Alstroemerias providing an incredible blend of height, texture, and various head sizes. For a five-dollar table centerpiece try pairing up any combination of five stems in a small vase.

The final favorite is a rose petal and candle light centerpiece. Rose petals are an elegant way to add color, romance and sophistication. With over 35 different solid and mixed petal combinations there is something for every bride to choose from. To create this look fill three cylindrical vases, each slightly different heights, with water and rose petals and float a candle on top. This simple and modern centerpiece is always a hit and easily adapted to any wedding theme. For an added touch, and if the budget allows, look for round mirrors to set the vases on, the mirrors will reflect the flickering candle light adding depth and sparkle to the centerpiece.

For more information on wholesale wedding flowers visit the website or browse their Pinterest page or Blog for ideas on how to put these trends to work for your wedding. carries over 3,000 flower options, shipped directly from their farms to your door. They specialize in wholesale flowers for the do-it-yourself bride or event planner and pride themselves in having excellent customer service available via phone, email or live chat coupled with a 100% wedding day guarantee, which guarantees the quality of their flowers to every customer. They also provide their customers with extensive DIY information in the form of videos, a continuously updated blog, free phone consults with floral designers, and social media.

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