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Building a Brand | Screen Printing Corrugated Boxes For your Brand

Building a Brand | Screen Printing Corrugated Boxes For your Brand

Building a Brand | Screen Printing Corrugated Boxes For your Brand is important, the more you do to place your business image in front of clients the more likely they are to think of you next time.

Taking branding to the next level with printed boxes further pushes your brand by giving a premium touch to your business.

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White Corrugated Boxes Best price And Free Shipping At ValueMailers

Buy high quality white corrugated boxes online in USA at valuemailers with best price and free shipping worldwide. We are one of the worlds leading white corrugated box provider in USA. For more details visit us at ValueMailers. Is your business requiring a high quantity of white Corrugated Boxes to store and transmit several shapes and types of products? Well, you have arrived at the right destination. We are the best online store in the market offering high-quality white corrugated boxes based on the customer needs at a low rate. ValueMailers provide four types of shipping boxes for customers such as Brown Corrugated Boxes, hazardous shipping containers, white corrugated boxes & mailers, and multi-depth corrugated boxes. Besides, we also offer free shipping and same day delivery service for the customers throughout the world. For more details visit us at
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Wholesale prices on White Corrugated Boxes at Muge Packaging. Have your product stand out and get noticed. As a leading China custom corrugated box manufacturer and supplier located in ShenZhen, we supply the corrugated printed boxes of the custom size, printing and paper material. All of the corrugated printed boxes are custom based on the clients’ packaging need. With the low labor costs in China, we offer our clients the very cheap printed corrugated box, matt or glossy laminated, varnished.

Muge Packaging – Your All-in-One Custom Paper Packaging Solution
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White Corrugated Boxes – Create a Professional Appearance All of these Indestructo white corrugated mailers / boxes are designed to create a professional appearance for shipment of your catalogs, literature, parts, photos, printed material, etc. They are all manufactured from 200# (32 ECT) test oyster white corrugated one one side and natural brown kraft on the other side. Note the box style in the product description. Choose from six styles: Standard/Protective Mailers, Outside Tuck Mailers, RSC Boxes, Multi-Depth Bookfolds, End Loading Mailers, and Jumbo Fold Over Mailers. Most styles fold together in seconds without tape, glue or staples. All sizes ship flat to save on space.

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With the different builds and features, there are thousands of combinations you can use to build the perfect shipping box for your product.

Even with so many box styles, the build of your box will fit into one of two main categories — boxes that are cut with a die, and ones that aren’t.

In this overview, we cover the die cut boxes typically used in e-commerce and a slew of features to consider for the best unboxing. We also cover boxes cut without a die — RSC FOL, and Auto bottom.

Get to know the most common box styles and pick the one that’s best for you!

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Corrugated Boxes for Release Your Panic While Moving

Numerous Benefits of Corrugated Box

Corrugated box is the most effective options for developing a stress free move. They should help you to make sure the safety of your goods, since it often is the vital thing. Through the world for moving, corrugated box is needed and are very safe because they’re created using three different layers. For the good inside, each layer provides a amount of protection. Corrugated cardboard boxes are among the best boxes to handle fragile things.

For heavy duty packaging boxes, corrugated cardboard is known as a style cardboard used. Relating to using corrugated cardboard boxes, there’s lots of profit over other heavy duty packaging materials for instance timber. Corrugated boxes are generally manufactured from recycled materials and can be used repeatedly. You will find that they’ll always be cheaper than other heavy duty cardboard packaging containers. When delivery, this consists of saving money on the lower weight.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are safe because there are actually no sharp edges or splinters. It won’t harm anybody. Onto boxes, you may get your logo or company name, and other details printed that could be found with other materials.

Deciding on which amount of strength you will need is very important by considering your item. You’ll likely need a triple wall corrugated cardboard boxes for extra heavy items, but it isn’t too weighty you could potentially get away having a double wall box, or even single.

In the proper corrugated boxes, your items is going to be well protected. Large cardboard boxes are usually very useful when moving, optimizing space or storing, though these boxes are challenging to discover, not like the smaller counterpart. However, you could find them at stocking effort before a black Friday shopping madness. They would gladly improve even if you ask for a box then, because a lot of boxes would mean that they’ve to call the recycling company and request a further run which would cost them extra.

If you feel that your items are important, double wall corrugated boxes and triple is one of the best for fragile stuff. Pass up using boxes that are fitted with already been used before. When packing fragile stuff into a corrugated box, there are several small tips you can use.

Place your components of the middle along the box once you wrap the item in bubble wrap or other cushioning materials. To make sure that it truly is packed tight with no room for movement, fill all remaining gaps in the box with loose fill/void fill. Locate any cardboard or edge protectors to cover any sharp edges. With appropriate packaging tape, remember to always seal your package and with fitting warning stickers just sticker it, along the lines of “fragile” or “handle with care”.

Corrugated cardboard boxes can assist you to avoid the damage in the storing or shipping method.

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Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes For A More Secure Package

Anytime that you are posting any objects that could possibly break throughout the course of the  journey you should try to make sure that you have given the contents as much protection as possible. A large part of the protection that you give to anything you send is going to be in the form of how you pack it. You should try to provide as much cushioning inside your box as possible in the form of bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Using corrugated cardboard boxes can be a good way of providing a bit more strength to the external layer of your package.


If you package your presents or goods into a corrugated box then they will end up having a much higher level of protection when compared to a bog standard box. The extra strength comes from the fact that they are made by using two layers of card with an extra corrugated layer that is placed between the other two. It is this middle layer that adds the extra protection as the wavy card has a much higher strength to it than the normal flat layers. If you want to add even more strength to your packaging then using a box that is dual layered will be even better. These are made with two corrugated pieces combined with three normal pieces to give your box a much sturdier frame.


Making sure that you have not only packed your items correctly but also used a box that has got sufficient strength should mean that the contents are protected from all but the heaviest of collisions. If the item that you are posting is one that is more fragile than most then it makes sense to attach some fragile packaging tape to the outside of the box to highlight the fact. Due to your parcel being passed around from the sorting office to the actual courier or delivery driver, they need to know that what they are handling could break.


By using corrugated cardboard boxes to send your items then you will minimise the risk of damage happening as long as you have also given a good layer of protection inside as well. However, if you need to send something that is extremely fragile, very expensive or both then you may be better off employing the services of a more specialised delivery method to make sure that your item will definitely arrive in the condition you expect it to.

Written by E-Commerce Manager of Storm Trading, Chris Roche. For more information on cardboard boxes, padded envelopes or any other packing products check out our site and see what cheap cardboard boxes and mailing bags we have available.

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Recycling of corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most popular packing material currently used all over the world. They have been the favorites for years because of their various advantages. Corrugated boxes provide a high security for the goods inside them. The goods are not damaged even if they are prone to impacts, vibration or even drops. They are mainly used to ship valuable goods. From the packaging of an iPhone to apples we can see corrugated boxes. The use of corrugated boxes is increasing in a rapid rate. It is estimated that alone in South America there are around 1,500 box plants making millions of corrugated boxes.

One of the main advantages of corrugated box is that they can be easily recycled. This factor provides an upper hand to corrugated boxes than other packaging materials. They help to gain an “eco friendly” trade mark to the company. As they don’t damage the environment there is no damage in disposing them even in open soil. Another important factor is that old corrugated boxes can be used for the manufacture of new ones.

“OCC” or old “corrugated containers” are the name given to the disposed corrugated boxes. They are usually called as “cardboard box” by ordinary people. Some of these boxes lack the inner layer and hence will result in an overall loss in strength. U.S is considered as the biggest manufacture of corrugated boxes. They use corrugated boxes for each and everything. In this era of technology internet is gaining much popularity and hence e commerce. E commerce simply means buying and selling of things online. The things which we bought online are shipped to our homes. These will be inside corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes provide a high amount of protection for the things inside them.

According to some sources since 1960, the generation of OCC has been increased by about 305 percent; this is a huge number considering other similar packing materials. Fortunately a large of these OCC generated are recycled. By the spread of awareness and advancement of technology the disposal of corrugated boxes has been decreased tremendously.

The process of recycling of corrugated box is relatively simple and less time consuming. The first thing to do is the compress the boxes and put them inside a hydropuler.  A hydropuler is a big vat of warm water which is used for cleaning and processing purpose. The slurry which is obtained after this process is used in order to manufacture paper and other associative products. There are some things which have to be remembered before putting these stuff to the hydropuller.  Metal straps, metal coverings, staples and other materials have to be removed. By the joint efforts of people and government, it is estimated that over 70 % of the corrugated boxes are recycled again to make new ones.

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Making of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes can been see every where around us. They are made up of wasted boxes.  Pulp which is made up of disposed cardboard boxes are used to manufacture these boxes. These are used for a variety of purposes. They are used in the packaging of computers, various gadgets and many other things. One of the main reasons they are preferred is that it is eco friendly. The company gets a green or “eco friendly” trade mark. These corrugated boxes are strong, light and can be recycled. From the smart phones to the pizza and fruits in your home is packed in corrugated boxes now a days.

The ever growing advantages of corrugated boxes are one of the reasons for their vast popularity. They are becoming the first choice of many. The can be made in a short period of time and they are readily available. Behind every corrugated box we handle, a tough manufacturing process is hidden. Corrugated boxes are manufactured inside specialized industries known as box plants.  They are usually transported in bundles and are the only materials that are transported in cartons.  The corrugated boxes are made considering the need of the box. Some boxes are made to transport valuable goods like smart phones and other gadgets so the toughness has to be ensured in these kind of boxes.  Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated paper boards.  These are readily available and not much expensive. The cost factor is one of the important things that people consider to buy these boxes.  

Generally corrugated boxes are manufactured of one of more layers of flutes and liners. This is the factor which will depend upon the strength of the boxes. If the corrugated box has to be more strong more layers of flutes and liners is to be used. Corrugated boxes are available of different types namely single walled corrugated board and single faced corrugated boards.  The machine which is used to manufacture corrugated boxes are known as corrugating line. Sometimes triple walled corrugated boxes are manufactured in order to attain more strength.  

There will be three layers as I already said and in these three layers there will be a wavy middle layer which is pre heated and stemmed to a temperature of almost a 100 degree Celsius. This process is done to soften the natural elements. There will be a long sheet of paper unwinding the rolls, this paper is often known as webs.  After some processes these are stacked one above the other and are allowed to dry. The next process is the conversion of these corrugated sheets into corrugated boxes. Flexo- folder gluers and Die cut machines are used to accomplish this task. Once the corrugated boxes are made into their respective shapes they can be transported to the companies in need.

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