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How To Assemble Your Naturepedic Verse Organic Kids Mattress

We ship the Verse kids mattress rolled tight for easy delivery and setup. This video shows you how to go from boxes to a new bed in minutes. Open the packaging, unroll, flip, and let it expand. You’re ready for bedtime in no time at all!
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I say goodwill in the video but i meant salvation army. I tried to donate a 00 like-new king size double pillow top mattress to the salvation army , I called and scheduled a pickup and moved it outside per their instructions. They showed up the next day, never knocking on the door but instead left a note saying REJECTED – too soiled, stained, etc. Thanks for wasting my time !, this was like new with the exception of a small black line from the moving strap, I bet you or I could have wiped it off. they must not be hurting if they are rejecting nice stuff like this!
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How to Move a King Size Mattress Up Stairs BY YOURSELF

Moving a mattress is tough work – no matter what the size or where you are moving it. But try moving it up stairs – when a king size mattress can weigh 100 lbs or more!

Luck for you, there are definitely tricks that the pros use to make the job easier.

In this video, we are going to show you the best pro trick to move a mattress up a large flight of stairs. All done single-handedly by Janet. These are steep stairs!

Ideally you should have two people but if you don’t have the luxury, you can do this. Just take it slow.

This is a king size Puffy mattress ( It’s all foam and is soft memory foam. In order for this to work you have to be able to fold the mattress in half. If it came in a box, it will fold. You’ll find more in-depth instructions on how to do that in the video below.

How to fit a mattress in an SUV

➡️Mattress Bag – ( these are even heavier duty – 4 mil)
➡️Tie down straps (we used 3, one on each end and one in the middle) –

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Best Cheap Mattress & Budget Beds (Top 5 Affordable Picks)

➡ Nectar:
(5 Off + 2 Free Pillows)

➡ Tuft & Needle:

➡ Nest Love & Sleep:
+ Use Code RIZ8 for 8% Off

➡ Eve (Amazon):

➡ Zinus (Amazon):

– GhostBed:
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– Nolah:
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These mattresses were provided to RIZKNOWS free of charge by the respective brands for the express purpose of testing such products; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of these products. RIZKNOWS retains full editorial control over the content in this video and has not accepted any monetary compensation from the brands to provide this video.

In order make our business sustainable and keep our content free, we use affiliate links. That means if you make purchases through certain links at the top of the description of this video, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). We appreciate your support and we look forward to continuing to provide entertaining and helpful videos for you to enjoy.
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Best Cheap Mattress and Budget Beds. These are our top 5 affordable picks. We cover our top 5 best cheap mattresses and best budget mattresses. In this video, we have a mini Nectar mattress review, Tuft and Needle mattress review and Nest Love and Sleep mattress review. We also have an Eve mattress review and Zinus Green Tea mattress review. Overall, you really can’t go wrong with any of these inexpensive beds. All of these bed in a box mattresses are solid. As always, if you want more details on any of these bed in a boxes, make sure you check out our website. We have tons of mattress comparisons and mattress reviews over there, including Top 5 Best Bed In A Box and Top 5 Best Cooling Mattresses. Hope you enjoyed this video.

Best Budget Mattress List (UPDATED):

Best Cheap Mattress For An Inexpensive Budget

Nectar Mattress Review:

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Review:

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Eve Mattress Review:

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Best Mattress Deals & Coupon Codes:

Best Mattress Deals and Coupons

Nest Love & Sleep Mattress Review:

Nest Love and Sleep Mattress Review

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review:

Zinus Mattress Reviews

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Earthquake-proof bed ‘swallows’ you when it senses the ground shaking: Mechanism drops you and your mattress into a sealed box full of supplies. Concept by DAHIR INSAAT, original links ​ …Animated video shows concept designs for earthquake-proof beds. In the event of a quake, the mattress drops into the bed’s frame. A hard top then covers the bed to seal the box and protect against debris.

If you live in an earthquake hot spot you may be able to sleep a little sounder, thanks to concept designs for an earthquake-proof bed.

An animated video showcases a series of designs for a bed that protects its slumbering occupants during a quake – but it may not be the bed of choice for the claustrophobic.

Resembling a cross between a strong box and a Venus flytrap, the mattress drops into a chamber covered with a protective lid when sensors feel the ground shaking.

A video showcases a series of designs for a bed that protects sleepers during an quake – but it may not be the bed of choice for the claustrophobic. Resembling a cross between a strong box and a Venus flytrap, the mattress drops into a chamber covered with a hard cover when sensors feel the ground shaking (animated)

The earthquake-proof bed is designed to seal in the sleeper in the event of a serious quake. When tremors start, the mattress drops inside the bed’s frame

The occupant inside would then wait out the quake in the strong box until help arrived, or the quake subsided.

Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi was granted a patent for the initial quake-proof bed in 2010 and has since updated the designs.

The original design shows the bed consisting of a large metallic box with a mattress on top.

When the earthquake hits, this mattress is seen being dropped by a hinged mechanism, while the lid of the box closes above it, sealing the occupant inside.

The second design, instead, drops the user through what resembles a trap door.

The hinge is in the center of the bed, rather than the side, so the mattress drops flat to the bottom of the box, rather than tipping the sleeper out.

The animation shows that the beds would even have space for supplies, including water, food, medical kits and even tools, but how you might access any of this is unclear.

There is no word yet on whether any of the designs will make it past the initial concept phase, or when you might be able to buy one.

But judging by their size and sturdy construction, you may need to enlist the help of a few friends to help you get them up the stairs.

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Unboxing the Casper Mattress

UNBOXING // Unboxing the Casper Mattress (Queen), a latex meets memory foam bed that ships free to anywhere in Canada and the United States. Get off of your purchase of any mattress:

Ever had a mattress shipped in a box the size of a bar fridge? The Casper beds come in one firmness, offers sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and even California King. They also provide free delivery and if after 100 nights of sleeping on it you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund.


Comment below if you have any questions, and make sure to subscribe for more unboxing videos, vlogs, behind the scenes events and much more.

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King/Queen Mattress Moving Box Tutorial (888) 932-6269
Moving your King or Queen size mattress is easy with a mattress moving box. Measure the thickness of the mattress. If greater than 8″, purchase the King/Queen pillow top mattress box. This box comes in two pieces and can be used with a King or Queen mattress bag depending on the size. Put the mattress in the bag. slide into one side of the box, stand the mattress up and slide the other half over the mattress and then tape closed in both directions.
Ecobox provides a wide assortment of moving and shipping supplies ranging from all size boxes, including specialty boxes, to packing paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and tape guns. Their friendly online shopping cart system allows you to browse any product you may need and order online. The product is then shipped to you at your location.
Ecobox is a San Antonio based moving and shipping supply store that provides nationwide service located at 1940 Shipman Drive, San Antonio, TX 78219
For more information on Ecobox visit our website at
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Courier Boxes

Courier boxes are not mail boxes. They are something far more practical, and something that is desperately needed by multiple building facilities. Units allow for quick and convenient transport of paperwork and small nonperishable items. Occupants can transfer these essentials from building whether or not the person they are intended for is present or not.

This saves a great deal of time, because otherwise the person sending the materials and the person receiving the materials would have to synchronize their schedules at the expense of other matters. Materials can also be couriered from the outside world in exactly the same manner, with the materials reaching the intended recipient only in a convenient time frame.

This is all made possible to the secure nature of courier boxes. Each unit is protected by a three point locking mechanism and comes with two keys that only the intended user of the courier may possess. This ensures that no unauthorized access occurs. Although this is not mail service, it is every bit as secure as mail service.

Accountability and process flow are easy to track with these delivery boxes because each sender and receiver are responsible for the items they transfer through the box. The box itself can be placed in a location where security cameras can monitor its use. This will ensure professionalism and honesty on the part of the users.

Due to the highly secure and very practical nature of these boxes, they are highly relied upon by the United States Armed Forces. Every base has these boxes positioned throughout the compound in key locations. Vital communications and important small items are delivered routinely in this manner through the appropriate chain of command.

Another consistent user of courier boxes is the corporate world. Large corporations are characterized by multiple building complexes that span vast amounts of acreage. Some campuses are so large people have to drive from one side to the other because the distance is too far to walk. Units can be setup along the main routes between key buildings.

When installed in this manner, they can function much like mailboxes. Employees can even setup a courier route to follow each day as they drop off materials at each building that are vital to the operations of various branches within the company. Vendors, clients, and partner organizations can also use these courier routes if they choose to deliver something specific to a decision maker in one of the buildings.

Institutions of higher learning are yet another major user of courier boxes. Files that are constantly being updated and printed in hardcopy can be moved very quickly from building to building in this manner. Professors and administrators can have exclusive access to the materials they need to do their jobs. Students can also use these boxes as a secure means of turning in papers if the appropriate arrangements have been made with the professor in advance.

Courier boxes are made from 14 gauge steel and finished in powder coat. They surface mount to a hard flooring or concrete surface. Placards can be custom-engraved and adhered to their surface for labeling. Units are tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

XPB Locker. Read more about courier boxes.parcel mailboxes.courier box.

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Christmas Boxes

Whenever we see wreaths decorated with silver bells, ribbons and candles, we can feel that Christmas is coming. Although we would always see wreaths and Christmas trees decorated everywhere, we might find something else that would be more appealing and that is new and fresh to everybody’s eyes. There are so many interior Christmas decorations that are not yet being introduced to public. But we may find these decorations striking and it my complement the concept or them of our home.



Just like the glass terrariums, it may be simple but filling it with some ornaments like ribbons, silver bells, miniature nativities and some colorful penlights could me dazzling. Glass terrariums have some options to either hang or attached on walls. The flexibility of this decoration can be used for different occasions. May it be Valentines, birthdays, Halloweens and Christmas. Just be sure to use proper ornaments to match the concept of the event.



Another decoration that we can add to our holiday decoration is the flower box. Boxes can be purchased or customarily made. Good thing about container boxes is the availability of spaces to decorate it with some ornaments to follow idea of the event. We may remove some flowering plants to accommodate some embellishments that Christmas brings. We may include some nativity decoration if we have creative concept in mind. Flower boxes are not only for outdoor use, apartment building residents may also utilize this home and gardening decoration indoors. That is actually the main purpose of container boxes. They are for outdoor and indoor usage. Trimming the container with Christmas ribbons, placing some miniature Christmas trees and adding some glittering ornaments and lights could create a perfect home and gardening decoration during the yuletide season.



I have to admit, Christmas is just a few days from now and everybody is busy. As for me, to feel the spirit of Christmas, placing some decorations would be the best thing that I can do. We can put any Christmas embellishments that we want so long as the Christmas feel is there. Happy Christmas!


Ernest Penuela specializes in gardening gifts and residential planters such as pvc planters and provides expert tips and ideas about indoor gardening. For more information, you can visit and or call 800-896-0978

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Moving Boxes

It is not common knowledge that moving boxes are constructed in a variety of sizes, and that a number of businesses focus on their production and distribution. Moving boxes can vary considerably in quality and grow weaker each time they are used. Therefore checking a few different sources is recommended when sourcing boxes, and it also pays to choose a slightly more expensive option to make sure that you get a good quality product.
Moving boxes are made in five standard sizes. These are small, medium, large, extra large and wardrobe size. If you are moving house you will most likely utilse some of these various sizes, as each size is suited to certain types of household items. For example large boxes are suitable for electrical appliances, and also bulky kitchen utensils, while wardrobe sized boxes are good for holding clothes, as the name implies. Although it might seem that the best approach is to get a few extra large and wardrobe-sized boxes which you can then fill with all of your belongings, you may regret this decision. A selection of hard-back books can make even a smaller sized box difficult to carry. Now envision yourself attempting to carry a wardrobe-sized box, fully lined with hardback books. This explains the need for boxes of smaller dimensions.
When you are undertaking a move, it is very important that you make use of boxes that are suited for this type of use. You will of course want to avoid a situation where your boxes split, spilling your valuable possessions all over the pavement. It is therefore apparent that you should always choose boxes that are durable and strong.
Well-made moving boxes are designed to deal with precisely this sort of stress and it is therefore advisable to acquire some. As you are choosing your moving boxes, it should be apparent how much weight they can support. Unless they are strong enough to hold a weight of 200lbs or more, then they probably arent strong enough for your needs. You should be able to see the test weight stamped on the base of the box.
While you may choose to use professional movers or not, the option remains for you to speak with a moving company so that you can order some moving boxes. Usually boxes bought from these companies are a decent quality, but they may also prove expensive. Another option is to obtain your moving boxes via the internet. In this case you should try to purchase your boxes from a specialist firm that has a good reputation. Businesses like this can tend to offer their boxes at discount prices, as they are buying them in large amounts.
Finally an additional option is to obtain pre-used moving boxes. As long as the boxes are still sturdy they should be functional. Wear and tear will of course weaken the material of the boxes, but that is an issue that will become apparent only after considerable reuse.

Moving boxes are key component of your move. If you have problem to organize your move you can find professional moving services to help you make your move as stress-free as possible.

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Cat Litter Boxes

Next to food, cat litter boxes are about the most important thing to your indoor cat. Cats are fastidious creatures which like to have somewhere clean and fresh to do their toilet. They need plenty of room to move without treading on something they did previously.

There are plenty of cat litter boxes available on the market from a plain tray to the fully automated variety.

When you’re choosing your litter box, be sure to get one that’s large enough for your cat or if it’s currently a kitten, one that will be large enough when it’s fully grown. The box should be at least four inches deep or the litter will go everywhere.

Litter boxes are important to cats and are considered to be the next in importance to their food. Like people who love their toilets clean, cats dont really love messy and smelly litter boxes. They want some place where they can move around and do their stuff. Litter boxes are available on the market and come in different size and shapes.

Types of cat litter boxes:

1. The tray. This one you will need to clean yourself at least once a day but you can make it easier by lining it with a newspaper before putting in the litter. That way you can just fold up the paper and soiled litter and put it straight into a plastic bag for disposal. If you’re lucky, you won’t even need to wash the litter tray.

2. Hooded tray. This one is as above but with a hood or lid for the tray. This gives the cat some privacy but can also prevent the cat from kicking litter all over the floor.

3. Hooded tray with filter and door flap. Both these additions help to contain the smell but don’t imagine that you don’t need to clean this one as often – you do!

4. Automatic litter tray. These vary but there is one type which you roll first one way which tips the used litter into a removable tray, then another way which returns the unused litter to the tray.

5. Fully automatic litter tray. These are quite clever beasts and are great for people who don’t like cleaning litter boxes. Once the cat has finished its business and leaves the tray, an air filter switches on. Ten minutes later, a robotic rake sweeps away the by then clumped litter into a waste tray which it opens then seals on its way back. The waste tray only needs emptying about once a week. To use this properly, you will need good quality clumping litter and a handy mains power outlet.

Automatic cat litter boxes really are the best option both for the cat and for their owner. They are far more hygienic than normal litter trays; the human doesn’t have to touch the waste and the cat doesn’t have to come into contact with it either. This is particularly good for cats which are prone to cystitis or other infections.

For more on Cat Litter Boxes, visit Liz Canham’s website, The Cat Lover. Liz has four cats and has had cats in the family all her life.

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Nation’s First Mattress Recycling Program Debuts in Connecticut

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) May 01, 2015

Today, Connecticut becomes the first state in the nation with a statewide recycling program for used mattresses and box springs. The program, known as Bye Bye Mattress, is administered by the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC), a non-profit organization created by the mattress industry to develop and manage the state mattress recycling program mandated by law in 2013. Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), city leaders and representatives from the solid waste and recycling industry gathered at the City of Hartford’s Bulky Waste & Recycling Center to commemorate the inaugural truckload of mattresses bound for the recycling facility.

“The implementation of this first in the nation mattress stewardship program means previously discarded mattresses will be recycled in an environmentally sound manner, sustaining jobs in Connecticut and resulting in cost savings for municipalities,” said DEEP’s Commissioner Robert Klee. “This program mirrors similar stewardship programs the state has enacted for electronics, paint and thermostats. We recognize the Mattress Recycling Council for their commitment to the success of this program and the City of Hartford for their leadership in getting this law passed.”

Bye Bye Mattress allows Connecticut residents to drop-off used mattresses at participating collection sites and recycling facilities for free. Almost 50 cities and towns across Connecticut have joined the program as designated collection locations, with some also providing curb-side pick-up. These sites span the state across urban and rural areas. Residents that take their used mattresses directly to one of the designated recycling facilities located in East Hartford or Bridgeport will receive $ 2 per mattress from the recycler (limit four per person per day/eight per person per year). Connecticut residents can find their nearest participating collection site or recycling facility at

MRC is also working with mattress retailers, hotels, military facilities, universities, healthcare facilities and other public and private entities in Connecticut to divert mattresses from the solid waste stream. It will report the program’s progress to DEEP each October.

“Working with all stakeholders, the industry has taken a major step toward creating a cost-effective solution to a long-term problem,” said Ryan Trainer, president of MRC. “We designed Connecticut’s program to increase the recycling of used mattress materials by leveraging the existing waste collection infrastructure. MRC is working with many types of businesses and industries to recycle their used mattresses through the program. The Connecticut resident benefits from the no-cost drop-off opportunities. This will both encourage more mattress recycling as well as discourage illegal dumping.”

The program is funded through a $ 9 recycling fee that is collected when a mattress or box spring is sold to Connecticut consumers. Consumers will notice this fee as a separate line item on their receipt. The fee is used to pay for transporting and recycling the discarded mattresses.

Similar recycling programs are expected to launch in California and Rhode Island in 2016. To learn more about Bye Bye Mattress visit


Each year, 35 to 40 million new mattresses and box springs are sold in the United States, and at least 15 to 20 million used mattresses and box springs are discarded.

More than 80% of a used mattress’ components can be recycled —the metal springs, foam, wood and fibers — and made into new useful products. For example:

The steel springs are recycled as metal scrap and can be melted and used to make new appliances, building materials and other steel products.
The foam can be turned into carpet underlayment or animal bed padding.
The wooden frames can be shredded to produce landscaping mulch.
The cotton and other fiber can be used in industrial oil filters and other textile applications.

Most recyclers currently use the following process to dismantle a mattress:

1.    The top mattress layer (including the outer fabric) is cut, peeled and separated from the mattress’ interior materials (which can include fiber, polyurethane or latex foam and steel springs).

2.    The interior materials are pulled apart and separated by type.

3.    Foam, fiber and other soft commodities are baled and compressed for transport to scrap dealers or companies that will consume them to make new products.

4.    Metal springs from mattresses and box springs are extracted and sent to scrap recyclers that will sell them to steel mills and foundries.

5.    Wood is chipped or shredded.


The Mattress Recycling Council is a non-profit organization formed by the mattress industry to operate recycling programs in states which have enacted mattress recycling laws – Connecticut, California and Rhode Island. Each state’s program will be funded by a recycling fee that is collected when a mattress or box spring is sold. The fees pay for the transportation and recycling of the mattresses. To learn more, go to

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The Lodge at Woodloch Launches Rest+Well Blueprint- March 2015

Hawley, PA (PRWEB) February 26, 2015

It is no secret that a good night’s sleep is good for one’s health. Studies have long shown that sleep improves the immune system, allows the body to better deal with stress, helps the longevity of beauty and even helps a person lose weight. The message is clear, sleep is good. The challenge lies in real life. Time is crunched and people try to fit more and more into each hour of the day, stressors of day-to-day life weighs heavily on the mind and caffeine and alcohol are simply part of what make many people tick. Plainly stated, sleep is great but can be difficult to come by.

The Lodge at Woodloch has tapped its resources to develop and share a Rest+Well Blueprint. It is not a program, not a single class and not a special offering, but a way of life. A Blueprint that includes tips, resources and strategies to help guests find their Rest+Well bliss on their own terms within their own lifestyle. The components will be rolled out at the property during National Sleep Week, March 2-8, 2015 and will continue to be part of the everyday offerings at The Lodge.

The Rest+Well Components Include:

Sleep Environment:

    Pillow Menu: In addition to the Classic Down Pillow standard on every bed, The Lodge offers an additional 5 pillows as choices for personalized comfort to maximize a restful sleep:
     o    Hypoallergenic Pillow

     o    Memory Foam Pillow

     o    Sleep Number Customizable Pillow

     o    Body Pillow (good for pregnancy and for those with back/hip/knee problems)

     o    Buckwheat Pillow

    Blackout Drapes
    New memory foam beds in each guest room. Each guest room and suite has been equipped with a new Therapedic EcoGel2 Mattress which offers hourglass design for additional support and gel technology for cooling benefits
    Temperature Control for personal preference- recommend to sleep in a cool room- 65 degrees is the best temperature for a good night’s rest
    Additional customized offerings that are available upon request from the Sleep Menu (free of charge during stay) include:
     o    Light therapy box available

     o    Traditional 2-bell alarm clock to remove radiant light of electric alarm clocks

     o    Sound Bar docking station

     o    Customized bed comfort: Upon request, guest can receive pillow toppers, egg crates or a board beneath the mattress for added firmness/support to help customize to specific needs

Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Keeping the bedroom and bed as a tool only for sleep will help train the body to go to sleep faster. Try not to read, watch TV or use electronic devices while in bed. Create a Rest+Well haven at home.

Spa Treatments:

    New: Restful Retreat
This relaxing massage focuses on releasing areas of chronic tension, promoting a deep state of relaxation. A “zero gravity” chair suspends the guest and gently rocks while the therapist applies massage to the head, neck and feet, using specially crafted oil blends to ease one into a restful state. 50 minutes $ 135 Saturday-Sunday; $ 125 Monday-Friday

    Guest Favorite: Lavender Garden Dream
Breathe in the calming and cleansing benefits of wild lavender in this uplifting and rejuvenating experience. Earthly minerals and lavender exfoliate during an energizing salt scrub. A customized essence of lavender wrap with a warm stone back massage lead the way to a restorative full body massage. 100 min $ 260- Saturday-Sunday; $ 250- Monday-Friday

Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Lavender is a perfect choice for natural aromatherapy that helps one relax. A lavender bath at home is a perfect way to transition the body into a restful state of mind.

TREE Restaurant and Bar:

    Cooking demonstrations include sleep inducing items during March- National sleep awareness week(end)
    Herbal tea offerings that help induce sleep

Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Certain foods provide tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps the body create serotonin which helps the body relax. Eating certain foods before bed will help the body get into a calm state and ready for sleep.

Mind/Body Classes:

    Breathe and Change Your Life! Open the mind as guests learn to focus their attention within and experience simple ways in which they can enhance their body’s energy levels while cleansing and rebalancing
    Meditation to Quiet the Mind: Come into the present moment with mindful meditation. This class guides guests through steps of meditation with breath awareness and focusing the mind on a sound

Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Mastering meditation and breathing techniques are a great way to manage a wandering mind just before hitting the sheets.

    Power Napping: With the help of props and pillows, guests are guided through a series of gentle stretches to promote total relaxation and rest. Guests leave feeling rejuvenated and revitalized

Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Sometimes getting a full night’s sleep just isn’t possible. Learning the trick to a true power nap can help the body get the rest that it needs. Some of the most powerful people in history were known for taking a daily nap (Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and more)!

    AM Stretch: Begin the day with active stretches for the total body. Guests will leave feeling awake and ready for the day!
    Fitness Walk: Greet the day with an invigorating three-mile walk at beautiful Woodloch Springs Country Club. With incomparable vistas, the paved course contains gradual and steep terrain

Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Part of getting a good night’s sleep is getting the body on a consistent schedule. Waking up early and exercise both help to set the circadian rhythm in the body for good sleep patterns.

Special Services:

    Customize your sleep experience at The Lodge at Woodloch with our Sleep Sommelier
    Naturopath Private Consultation with Nathaniel Whitmore: $ 150 per 50-minute session
    Wake Up Call (a.m.) & Wind Down Call (p.m.- turn off TV and electronic devices to prepare the body for bed) upon request

Outdoor Adventures:

    Seasonal outdoor adventures include kayaking, hiking, biking, nature walks, Nordic walking, stand up paddle boarding, archery, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and more
Rest+Well Lifestyle Tip: Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone controlled by light exposure that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. The brain secretes more Melatonin in the evening (dark) to encourage sleep and less during the day (light) to encourage alertness. Spending time outdoors during daylight helps to normalize Melatonin production. Remember to take off sunglasses in the morning to not trick the brain! Note that long days in the office in front of a computer or at home with a TV or electronic device misaligns the light exposure message and Melatonin release.

Educational Forums:

National Sleep Week(end) features Dr. Jodi Mindell, sleep expert and author

Thursday, March 5th

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Learn about the importance of sleep for your overall health and well-being, including memory, weight control and disease prevention benefits. Find out about common sleep disorders and ways to improve your sleep. A few simple changes can make all the difference in how well you sleep and refresh at night.

Friday, March 6th

Sleepy, Dopey, and Grumpy: Helping Your Infant, Child, Grandchild, or Adolescent Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential for children of all ages. Whether you have a 6-month-old, a 6-year-old, or a 16-year-old, learn ways to help your child get a good night’s sleep. A few simple strategies can make all the difference.

Saturday, March 7th

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Learn about the importance of sleep for your overall health and well-being, including memory, weight control and disease prevention benefits. Find out about common sleep disorders and ways to improve your sleep. A few simple changes can make all the difference in how well you sleep and refresh at night.

About The Lodge at Woodloch:

The Lodge at Woodloch is one of the finest all-inclusive luxury destination spas in the U.S., offering complete spa programs, treatments, outdoor adventure activities, golf, classes and packages in a pristine mountain retreat environment. Located on over 400 wooded acres with a private lake in the Lake Region of Northeast Pennsylvania, The Lodge provides an oasis for personal awakening and renewal just 2 ½ hours outside of New York City. The award-winning property features 57 luxury accommodations and a 40,000-square-foot spa. Additional information and reservations are available toll-free at 1-866-953-8500 or on the Web site at

Live and Sleep Launches Just Right Prices and Helps Others

Nevada (PRWEB) February 27, 2015

Live and Sleep is an exciting newly launched mattress company that is trying to save the world and your wallet one mattress at a time by offering mattresses designed for better sleep at half the price of a comparable product. The sleep designers at Live and Sleep researched the mattress market and had tough times finding a mattress that lived up to their ideals without having to spend well over $ 1,000 on it. Additionally, they found that mattress shopping can be an intimidating experience and consumers can easily get taken advantage of.

They thought it was crazy…so they came up with an even crazier new concept for a mattress company. Let’s simplify the mattress buying experience by making a great mattress, cut out the high markup middle men, offer it at half the price and give back to those in need. They removed the huge markup that retail stores require and are now offering conforming memory foam mattresses directly to consumers at “just right” prices from $ 400 for a twin-sized to $ 600 for a king. They are able to compress-ship their mattress to easily fit through any door and allow them to include national shipping in the U.S.

Live and Sleep is a passionate mattress company that believes in having a good time while doing what they love, and they do love what they do. Aside from saving people from constantly spending a large amount on good mattresses, the company also stands by their founding principal of using their knowledge, abilities and hearts to help those in need. They have partnered with a national charity and give a portion of each sale to them. What makes their services more impressive is the fact that people can purchase the items online, have it shipped in a compressed box to easily move around tight corners and narrow hallways and even have it shipped fast.

People spend one-third of their lives sleeping and Live and Sleep is focusing their efforts on creating a better night sleep. Their memory foam mattress is thoughtfully crafted to achieve the targeted “just right” medium firm feel while maximizing deep down body support. They researched and tested over 20 different types of foams to finish with their own unique formula that achieves the “just right” feel of not too hard and not too soft. Don’t judge a book or mattress by its cover…there are many mattresses with pretty covers on them, but many are using low quality foam or innersprings on the inside that will breakdown fast. Live and Sleep uses only high quality ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and stands by their product with a 20 year warranty.

They don’t use fancy mattress jargon to confuse people or sell through high markup retailers, they simply sell their memory foam mattress at a fair price. “Live and Sleep’s biggest challenge has been convincing people to try out our mattress sight unseen. People will find out more about our mattress online rather than going to a packed showroom and being pressured by a salesman trying to maximize his sales commissions,” said Daniel Paul, co-founder. “We saw an opportunity to improve the dreaded mattress buying experience through enhanced comfort and body support, remove the high-pressure sales tactics, and make it easy.” They include national shipping and guarantee satisfaction with their 100-night sleep trial. People are able to purchase their premium memory foam mattress and are able to help others at the same time. Live and Sleep’s pitch: Live your life and sleep your best. One mattress, just right price, no hassle returns, fast shipping and helping others.

Just right pricing: Twin size is $ 400, Full (Double) is $ 450, Queen is $ 500 and King is $ 600.

Tons more about reviews, shipping, returns and mattress education available at Live and Sleep FAQ

Try out the full site here: Live and Sleep


For more information about the products and visions that the company has, visit Those who are interested to get more information about the company, send them an email at

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Daybed Mattress Cover

If you own a daybed, then it may be a good idea to protect it with a daybed mattress cover. You use it for guests, naps, and even as a couch. They are not nearly as durable as regular beds, due to the thin mattress and lack of box spring, so therefore it is important to protect it from normal wear and tear, from spills, and from bed bugs and dust mites.

A daybed should be treated like any other furniture item in your home. Therefore you want to take precautions to keep it clean, sterile, and in good condition at all times. A daybed is a significant financial investment, so it only makes sense that you would want to do whatever it takes to protect that investment. Thus, protecting it with a daybed mattress cover is a very good idea. Doing so will help to preserve it and prolong its use, so you can get the most mileage for your money and use it for many years to come.

But why all the fuss about using a daybed mattress cover? Well, consider this: All it takes is one single accident and your daybed can be ruined. A spilled beverage, a bedwetting accident, a pet accident, blood or other bodily fluids can ruin your daybed mattress. If you protect it with a daybed mattress cover, and these accidents were to occur, all you would have to do is wash the cover in the laundry. Your mattress will remain clean and protected.

Another issue is the problem of dust mites. If you suffer from dust allergies, then you want to protect your day bed mattress from an infestation of these critters. Once they get on your mattress, it is very difficult to get them off. And once they infiltrate your mattress, you will be constantly exposed to the allergens that they emit.

You just have to be prepared for the worst, as anything can happen at any time. The daybed is a vey important piece of furniture in your home, and you want to make sure that it is clean and available for use at any time, whether it is for occasional guests or for daily use.

Normal wear and tear is another concern when it comes to beds. They can get ripped, torn, or worn out over the course of time. A daybed mattress cover can help to preserve its life and keep it from wearing out too quickly.



Protect your daybed today with a daybed mattress cover. Learn more about mattress covers at

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