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Hot Sale 3D Resin Shadow Boxes Wall Art 2020

Home decoration with sofa background wall, high-end heavy style, very suitable for matching villas, places with cultural heritage, please contact me if you like
Maya culture is a historical relic and historic site. The implication of using these patterns is very good. The color has black, silver, and wood grain effect.

Hualun Guanse Decoration Material Factory
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4.Wholesale Picture Frames,Photo Frames,Shadow Box Frames,Resin Shadow Boxes
5.PVC/WPC Wall Panel,Skirting Board,Cornice Moulding

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DIY: Egg Carton and Old Boxes Wall Art Decor

The measurements are on the mat, each square measures one inch.

Box Cutter with Holster:

Black Spray Paint:

Red Spray Paint:

Glue Gun:

100 Mini Glue Sticks:

DAFA Self – Healing, Double-Sided Mat:

Aluminum Straight Edge Rule, 48″ Length, 2″ Width:

Music: From YouTube audio library.


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Turn Your Old Shoe Boxes Into Works of Art! SneakerHead How To/Tutorial Video!

Is your closet full of empty sneaker boxes? Are you tired of having a bland sneaker room with no sneaker related decor? Well look no further! Because today im going to show you how i turned all my old shoe boxes into beautiful works of art! I promise you having your shoe boxes on your wall looks way better then hidden in your closet!

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Beyond Simple Picture Frames

Picture frames are great way to express the creativity in you. From child art to professional drawings, proper framing adds a unique look. Some people like to show off photos of their family and great ancestors in big frames to attract the guests. Decorating home with nice photos is a great idea. It is better to keep similar type of framing for all the photos you are displaying. You can go for a collage fashion if you are bit modern. Do you know that frames alone can be used as a good decor item? Use it in a different way. Paint your ornate frame and use it as a beautiful mirror. What a great and inexpensive decoration idea!

If you are a professional photographer or artist who likes to conduct an exhibition for popularity or sales, frames can help them a lot to handle the pictures safely and it can give more visibility to them. Nothing will happen even if somebody touches your great treasure with their dirty hands. Select the frame which further boosts the beauty of your artwork. Normally metallic frames are the choice of painters and painters and artist select the wooden ones. The price per photo frames depends on the quality and which one you choose. Ready-made or custom ones metallic picture frames are the best option for the photographers.

In order to give more appeal to your black and white photos, it is better to use a picture frame with white wide mat board. This will bring the attention of the viewer to focus on the centre of the frame. Painters and artists usually prefer a wooden frame to display their work. The main reason for using the wooden frame is that it can be painted, stained or glided in different colors. A painted frame will give a more attractive look to the painting or photo.

The ready-made picture frames are available in different shapes and sizes and is normally not out of stock. The price per photo frames of ready made frames are less compared to the custom-made frames. If your artwork does not fit into a normal sized frame, then go for custom-made frame. That is the best option for you. For custom made frames, you have to specify the correct size of your artwork. But, whatever frame you choose in the end, select the one which will further compliment your artwork. This will make your work more appealing to any viewer’s eye.

Samuel Lukes is a famous writer. He has written many articles related to Custom Photo Frames. Visit our online Art Gallery.

Tales Behind Picture Frames

In the field of arts, perhaps the most wonderful and the most celebrated is the invention of the camera. Photography is simply defined as the process by which images are captured by an image-forming device through the use of especially-designed sensing medium. Digital, disposable, instant, field cameras are the types of cameras but their purpose is similar to each other, that is, to capture images and record events for future generations to see and to last a lifetime.

The power that still images have over us is astonishingly undeniable. Images of personalities, sceneries and even abstract art pieces have the ability to influence our opinions, principles, perspectives in life, judgment and even long-held cultural and family values.

We view photographs as touchstones to connect and reconnect families and remind us of people dear to us. How wonderful it is to see the first generation of your clan and see who looks like whom. How funny it is to see how your grandfather used to look like with hair on his head and your grandmother used to be so young and slim. How heart-warming to see a departed loved-ones framed picture on the corner vanity table, you terribly miss. Thus, our photographs live on, longer than our existence in this world to remind the future generation of their genetics, pride, legacy and sometimes shame.

These also serve as our remembrance of specific events such as birthdays, graduations, travels and even ordinary daily activities. Most mothers have a compilation of pictures of their babies milestones, from the first nail clipping to the first step ever made. Looking at old baby pictures definitely brings us back to the period where when the picture was exactly taken such that it bring so much laughter as stories are, again, narrated and recreated. Indeed, memories fade but photographs do not. Photographs have so much to tell long after we are gone.

Pictures advertise tourism. It is uncommon not to see pictures of dignitaries who stayed in whose hotels, dined in whose restaurants and among others. Their portraits are often seen hanging on hotel lobbies walls, strategically located for everyone to see. Picture frames of the city or countrys top tourist destinations are also featured either on the lobby walls or corner coffee tables.

Photos record historical personalities and historical events for writers and historians to write about. Book pages become more exciting for readers because of the colorful pictures.

Pictures can play a lot of role for people from different fields and sectors in the society. They can come as concrete and abstract in form. No matter what the pictures may look like, it is taken for some reasons. These reasons can bring a lot of benefit to the owner of the picture. There are a lot of ways where pictures can play a very important part in our life.

These are just few of the importance that pictures can have in our lives. Taking the best shots for events, persons and things are important for the family, in travelling, commercializing a business, delivering news and issues in the society and for great artists.

Indeed, photographs have so many stories to tell, long after our memories fail us. If you want the story-telling to continue, a Poster frame will do the talking for you. If you want the future generations to be reminded of their cultural heritage and ancestral history, a Picture frame will do the work.

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Use Art Supplies to Paint the Perfect Picture

Amateur artists can create lifelike pictures with art supplies by mimicking photo realists such as Sarah Graham.

Sarah Graham’s paintings of cupcakes, gumballs, lollipops and pick and mix candy have often been mistaken for actual photos because of their convincing detail and incredible accuracy.

Graham has achieved success by using art supplies to paint reflecting and refracting light in such a manner that her work portrays the feel of an authentic photograph rather than an obviously painted portrait.

Trend Hunter magazine and the Fine Art Blog are part of a growing number of Graham fans who are blown away by her ability to produce such realistic paintings with art supplies.

“I have just discovered this artist Sarah Graham whose painting are just amazing. They look so real, unless you look closer, you could mistake them for photographs,” stated Trend Hunter.

Graham’s work has its roots in the photorealist movement which evolved from American Pop Art during the 1960s and early 70s as more and more artists became willing to use photos to assist their use of art supplies.

This association of artists created work which was in direct contrast to abstract expressionists who were initially critical of those who used photographs as the starting point of their pictures.

Such artists included Richard Estes, Ralph Goings and most notably Chuck Close, who has been called one of the most influential photorealist painters thanks to his massive-scale portraits.

Sarah Graham’s talents with art supplies are such that she is also able to fool people into thinking her paintings of dolls, robots and Mini Coppers and VW camper vans are actually three dimensional.

She told her official website: “I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.

“I am so practised now in this particular method of painting it has become the most natural way for me to approach creating an image.”

Graham’s popularity has seen her signed by Washington Green Fine Art Publishing and the organisation has been keen to support her career as one of Britain’s up-and-coming painters.

The firm’s marketing director Samantha Jackson told the Metro newspaper that Sarah Graham are likely to appeal to younger people who are tired of paintings that demonstrate a conventional use of art supplies.

She told the publication: “We expect Sarah’s work to connect with a whole new generation of people looking for a highly original style of art to decorate their walls.”

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Jesse Jackson: 'Star Wars' Record-Breaking Box Office Success Due to Racially
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Man Doomed to Hell in Every Major Religion Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for the Trip

On the popular crowdfunding page, gofundme, Justin Colella states:

“Ok so I’m launching this because I’ve been told by thousands of people over the course of my life that if I don’t watch my step, I’m going to “Hell”. Like the majority of humanity, I grew up indoctrinated by the church through tradition and before I had reached an age of sufficient reason.

So I thought I’d go through a quick list of what I’m going to this literal “Hell” for and just to make sure, I’m going to let you guys watch as I partake in several of these mortal sins right here and now…

And since I’m presumably going to burn for all of eternity in a literal lake of fire, I think it’s only fair that I get to live by the beach or have some extra fun for however many years I have left on Earth!

This may seem like a joke but it’s important to keep in mind that 3.8 billion people on the planet belong to one of the 3 Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and thus believe in a literal hell/lake of fire where I presumably will go and burn forever and ever for all of eternity.”

In the video Justin breaks dozens of biblical laws including eating shellfish via shrimp and crab, pork via bacon, sausage, and salami, drinking alcohol, blasphemy, lying and deceit, sedition, heresy, and a plethora of other mortal sins.

In a statement Mr. Colella says that he wanted to meet the greatest minds of our time, and according to the largest religions in the world, they all currently reside in “Hell.”

The thinkers and philosophers Mr. Colella mentions in the video are ones such as:


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Thomas Jefferson:

“The Christian god can easily be pictured as virtually the same god as the many ancient gods of past civilizations. The Christian god is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging, three headed beast-like god, one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites.”

Mark Twain:

“It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.”

John Adams:

“This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.”

Benjamin Franklin:

“Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.”

Francis Bacon:

“At all times the philosophy met tiresome and oppressive enemy, namely superstition and blind, excessive religious fervor.”

George Carlin:

“Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet and they have to touch it to be sure.”

Galileo Galilei:

“I do not feel obliged to believe that same God who endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect had intended for us to forgo their use.”

Thomas Paine:

“Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortuous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.”


“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Hypatia of Alexandria:

“All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final.”

In the video Mr. Colella states:

“If this crowdfunding campaign doesn’t raise one single dollar, and all we do is make a few people out there think, it’s a massive victory. In the words of Socrates, ‘I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.’ So if that’s all this does, if this doesn’t raise one penny and nobody donates, but this gets out there and this message gets out and even one person thinks for a second about this fear based control system and thinks about how we can really unite humanity, and how we can really be one family on this planet and we can really unite everybody, because these things have done nothing but divide. We’ve tried it that way, ok, and we could try it a new way and we could just eliminate fear. If it does nothing more than that then this was a massive victory.”

As far as his personal spiritual beliefs, Mr. Colella says they can be best exemplified by the Thomas Paine quote:

“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”

About Justin Colella:

Justin Colella is an American entrepreneur, philosopher, social activist, producer, and philanthropist. He started his first company at the age of 19 and has been self-employed ever since. He is currently President at Commission Enterprises, Inc. and other sales and marketing corporations that engage in guerrilla marketing for Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 clients. Mr. Colella is also Founder and Chairman of the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Human Rights Organization, Hustle For Humanity. He is a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Doctorate level Clinical Hypnotherapist, and an elected member of the American Psychological Association (APA). He currently resides in Southern California and is a competitive athlete in Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and CrossFit. Justin Colella is currently working on a documentary film project set to be released in 2016 that promises to challenge the existing global political, psychological, and economic paradigm.

To view the campaign, click here –>

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Planter Boxes ? A living Form of Art

The existence of planter boxes has brought significant help for people who love gardening. In fact, it could be seen as decorative ornaments that provide a well defined accent to every façade of the building. Planter boxes are popularly known as tubs or large-scale containers have been used as an excellent container to display colorful plants in different places. Moreover, these boxes are built from refined and durable materials to secure various types of plants that enable it to flourish and grow well.

Planter boxes are placed in alleyways, porches and patios, which typically highlight the beautiful view of the whole place. It gives a sense of balance and well defined effect that seems to give a welcoming scenario. Windsor patio planter as well Fair Field Patio Planters, are some of the few planters that have been manufactured to brighten up walkways and entryways. In addition, planter boxes are typically made from heavy-duty wood board, solid polyurethane vinyl, fiberglass or hard metal materials, with distinctive features that would exceptionally complement the area where it is usually placed. The wide variety of materials helps highly skilled designers to create a more functional and durable planters.

Moreover, if you want to enhance the vintage ambiance of your environment, a wooden planter boxes would surely create a big difference.  Rectangular Cedar Planter, Pasadena Redwood Planter, Redwood Lattice Planter, and Cedar Planter are some of the types of planters, which received high demand in the market. Each of these redwood planters has been manufactured from high quality California redwood with distinct versatility and durability.

There are some important considerations to take in order for the planters to last for a long time. Primarily, the bottom of the planter box must have drainage holes to protect the plants from excessive amount of rain and water. Ample amount of soil should contain the size of the entire box in order for the plants and trees to live longer. In addition, since the roots of the trees in planter boxes are not protected by rich ground soil, it requires constant care by watering or by placing fertilizer, in which a well-drained porous pot boxes is highly recommended. Proper positioning of planter box is likewise important for the plants to receive the right amount of sunlight in order for it to bloom properly.

Planter boxes can add unique color and designs for landscaping purposes, which make it more appealing to everyone’s eye.

Carlo Mamar shares tips on how to make your public spaces more attractive and inviting by using containers such as large commercial planters, commercial planters, modern planters, and other types of indoor and outdoor planters.

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Franklin County Visitors Bureau Spotlights Chambersburg Community Theatre Presentation of “Meet Me In St. Louis” With Special Sensory Friendly Performance

Franklin County PA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

The Franklin County Visitors Bureau is proud to invite visitors to downtown Chambersburg to enjoy the Chambersburg Community Theatre (CCT) performance of Meet Me In St. Louis. The family-friendly show comes to the stage of the Capitol Theatre Center in downtown Chambersburg on November 15, 20 and 21 at 8 PM and November 16, 22 and 23 at 2 PM.

In addition, a sensory-friendly performance will be held on Tuesday, November 18 at 7 PM to allow anyone with sensory related issues to enjoy a show in a non-threatening environment. A sensory-friendly theatre performance means that there are adjustments to lights and sound; fidgets provided; and a staffed quiet area. A social story will be available online at CCT has received a grant from the Autism Society of the Greater Harrisburg Area to help cover expenses for this performance.

Meet Me In St Louis is based on “The Kensington Stories” by Sally Benson and the MGM motion picture “Meet Me in St. Louis” with songs by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane and book by Hugh Wheeler. The show follows the Smith family as they learn about life and love in anticipation of the wonders of the 1904 World’s Fair. Songs include “Meet Me In St. Louis”, “The Boy Next Door”, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “The Trolley Song.”

Tickets can be purchased on-line at, in person at the Capitol Theatre Box Office,.159 South Main Street, or by calling 717-263-0202. Contract regulations limit seating to 350 for all performances.

CCT’s 61st season will continue with the Neil Simon comedy Jake’s Women March 20-29, 2015 Jake, a novelist who is more successful with fiction than real life, faces a marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life. The wildly comic and sometimes moving flashbacks played in his mind are interrupted by visitations from actual females from his past and present.

The season ends with Guys and Dolls, a musical fable of Broadway based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon, with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows.

Season Passes include 4 or 8 admissions to the entire season and can be purchased at the CCT Office located in the Capitol Theatre Center, 159 S Main or by contacting the office at 717-263-3900. CCT performances are supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

The Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites all to explore Franklin County PA and enjoy the history, arts and entertainment, recreation and natural beauty, and the fresh foods and warm hospitality of charming communities like Chambersburg, Greencastle, Mercersburg, Shippensburg, and Waynesboro. Franklin County PA is located just north of the Mason Dixon Line and an easy drive to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Discover more….plan your visit at or by contacting 866.646.8060.

mahindra mojo Picture review

Mahindra two-wheeler, the country’s major two-wheeler giant, has recently launched two new bikes in the Indian auto market, called as Mahindra Stallion and mahindra mojo respectively.Mahindra mojo The company first entry-level sports bike, mahindra mojo is a performance oriented, power packed bike and is the ultimate machine for motorcycle enthusiasts who are really passionate about sports biking. It comes at an hefty price tag of Rs. 1.75 lac/-(ex-showroom Pune). A testosterone packed 300 cc bike with cool retro styling, the Mojo blends the best of global motorcycle technology and design.

The mahindra mojo is all set to storm the motorcycle segment with their sleek, sporty contours, Italian styling and comfort. This modern classic is driven by a Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled, 4 Valves – Direct Drive, SI engine which offers superb power of 26 BHP at 8500 rpm and peak torque of 24 Nm at 7000 rpm, making it a performance biker’s dream come true.

The new bike is the first ever sports motorcycle in India to sport Pirelli tubeless radials. There’s a disc brake at the rear as well. The Two Wheeler Sector of Mahindra aims to design and market a full range of scooters and motorcycles for the Indian and global markets, thus establishing a robust and end-to-end two-wheeler business in every segment of the industry. The company’s Power Scooters portfolio caters to a range of consumer segments. The Mahindra Rodeo with its very innovative, contemporary features is popular amongst the Indian youth, while the Mahindra Duro is positioned as a family scooter. The Flyte is the Indian woman’s two-wheeler of choice The bike also features LED pilot lamps and tail lamps with clear lens indicators in the headlamp, ensuring greater visibility for the rider.

The display includes a digital speedometer with fuel gauge, tripmeter, gear shift indicator, and analogue tachometer. The bike also sports indicators on the rear view mirrors, which are not seen on Indian bikes.

Keep yourself updated for Mahindra mojo, mahindra mojo and all other new bikes at