Black Envelopes

We are living in a digitalised world where computers, e-books and iPads have completely changed the way communication takes place. However one thing still remains unchanged and that is envelopes. Despite technical advancements, handwritten and printed documents and letters are still an indispensable part of our lives.

We often come across situations in our day to day lives when we send hand written or printed letters and memos to various people. For instance, in an office, communication, whether inter or intra department, is a routine process. It sometimes becomes cumbersome to always send an email to a colleague for some trivial work. Also with an email, there is always a chance that your message does not reach the intended recipient. However if you carry your message in a beautiful and elegant black envelope, there is not a single chance that the receiver will ignore the message.

Various organisations from time to time send confidential information to other organisations, stakeholders and government agencies. For this purpose, black envelopes can be just the thing. Fit anything from important bills, papers and reports to currency notes, and a black envelope will keep the contents perfectly hidden from outside. You can securely carry out your correspondence without the risk of a third person knowing about the contents.

Black is the colour of royalty. It is the colour that demands power and respect. Addressing someone with a black envelope signifies the urgency and the significance of the message inside. Black envelopes are high quality basic accessories that are a must for every office, school, household or institution.

So whether you just want to pass a random message, or it is an official memo, or some annual report or important document, black envelopes are the foremost choice.

Black is a colour that blends perfectly with any other colour. Be it pearl white, wine red, brilliant turquoise or sea green, black matches fascinatingly with all. A black envelope gives you complete freedom to personalise it to your heart’s content. Outline or highlight it with a different colour or customise it with unique designs, your black envelope is capable of carrying everything in poise.

Black makes a style statement unmatched by any other colour. What is more important is that these envelopes are available in different shapes and styles such as square and rectangular that makes them the perfect choice for any occasion. So be it a wedding, gala night, a star struck charitable event, or just a simple neighbourhood function, a black envelope shines apart, while at the same time enhancing your style statement ten folds.

Professionalism today is the buzz word. If you wish to be successful in your business then you have to create the right impression on the minds of your colleagues and stakeholders, and black envelopes do exactly the same. By impregnating your idea in the minds of others in a sophisticated way, you guarantee that half of your battle is won. So go ahead, make your conversations the top priority for others with an elegant black envelope.

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