Birdsong Peanuts

Originally started as a storage company, Birdsong Peanut has emerged as a world leader in milling peanuts. The company was incorporated by T.H. Birdsong in the year 1911 and it became a part of Birdsong Corporation after it partnered with American Storage Co which took place in the year 1974. The Birdsong Company has never looked back since it started which lead them to expand business to every corner of the country. The main reason for this expansion was the quality of their service as they also focused on customer satisfaction and there were regular feedback taken from their customers. Depending on the feedback received, the company made a series of changes in favor of their customers which helped them touch the hearts of million of Americans.

Motivated by their own success in the Northern and Eastern states the company looked further to extend its operations in the remaining parts of the country. In the year 1985, Birdsong Peanuts purchased Farmer’s Grin & Warehouse Company and thereby expanded in the Southeastern states. The head office of the company is located in Virginia. The company has 4 branches spread across the country. The main goal of Birdsong Peanuts is to become a market leader in its segment of operation and for the same purpose the president of the company Mr. Jeff Johnson looked for mergers and acquisitions with the existing companies. The company purchased several small as well as some well established firm in late 80s and 90s. One of the major acquisitions of the company was in the year 1992 when the company took over Blakely Peanut Company.

The functioning of the company is very simple to understand. The company purchases peanuts from local farmers. The peanuts are then shelled within the company and are made ready for distribution worldwide. It has adopted extensive and aggressive marketing strategy in marketing their products and at the same time has vast number of distributors worldwide. The company takes all the initiatives to motivate its distributors by providing them heavy discounts over bulk purchases of products and also helps them in marketing the products by offering them free counseling service. Birdsong peanut today employs to over 125 people.

Birdsong Peanut also has taken several initiatives in social welfare activities. They even had a recreation department developed in the year 1980. This recreation centre conducts different kinds of sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer and flag ball. More than 600 children are members of the recreation centre and take part in various activities. The company also has plans to build a sports complex in the upcoming years. Apart from this, they have also taken initiative in developing and maintaining three state parks. All the parks have a unique feature such as a ceremonial mounds, museum and picnic tables. Birdsong Peanut has also undertaken various community life projects. The most famous is the renovation of Blakely Theater. All these projects have certainly helped the company in increasing the brand name of the company and at the same time increasing the sales.

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