Bird boxes bring nature one step closer

There are many ways nature can be encouraged in the garden which vary in scale and cost from a simple bird feeder or bird table up to the more elaborate bird box or owl box. Additionally, you will discover squirrel feeders and bat boxes available, however what you choose will really be based on what you are interested in and the money available to you. If you’re looking for something mid range, then a bird or owl box is a great choice which can provide hours of enjoyment for all of your family.

Although cheaper and simplerthan the bird box, bird feeders can attract a diverse selection of birds into the garden. Strategically placed, in view of your window, you’ll be able to watch nature at its best for hours with the birds feeding from your bird feeder. Not only will you be able to enjoy watching the birds, but through the cold months of winter when food is not readily available you may be providing them with an important food source . Moreover, although not as advantageous as a bird box or owl box, bird tables or even bird baths may be source of great joy as birds descend from all directions to feed or wash.

If birds really are your great passion then the best option is really a bird box or owl box. Bird boxes can be positioned in various spots including mounting on a wall or fence, a tree, a telegraph pole or maybe against the eves of the home itself. The real joy of the bird box comes from nesting season when a couple of birds may take up residence in the bird box. And as time goes on, observe the adult birds building their nest, ready for the arrival of the chicks . Furthermore, the owner could even be privileged enough to see the very first flight of one of the chicks. To enhance this experience, you could install a bird box camera, to let you observe the chicks through their first precious days and not miss a minute.

In many respects an owl box is similar, except they come to life during the night because they are nocturnal creatures. Owls are magnificent hunters which are certainly a joy to view and behold. Again, an owl box allows the family to find out about owls from a great vantage point and the addition of a camera within the owl box is only going to improve the experience.

If you’re enthusiastic about nature, especially birds and wish to learn more about them, or simply observe them in their natural form, it is possible to encourage them into your garden. These can range from the very simple, in the form of bird feeders and bird tables up to the more elaborate in the form of the bird box and the bat box.

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