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Ever wondered why some people succeed and others fail in advertising? Maybe it’s the simple fact that they listen more and advertise to their prospects less.

People do not want to be sold to … they want to buy. Your main objective in any sales situation is to find the need and fill it with your product, idea(s), slogan, ability, whatever…. If there is no need – you will have no sale.

Now let’s say there is a need – How do fill this need? What should you say?

The first step is to Observe more and speak less. We have 2 ears / eyes and 1 mouth for a reason and should use them accordingly – especially since the majority of sales clues come from Non-Verbal actions.

Treat your customers how they want to be treated and you will succeed more often then you fail. Get to know your customers and advertise to them how they want to be sold.

Many top-training courses categorize people (prospects) into 4 different types:

Charlie Brown
Peppermint Patty

Charlie Brown

Main Trait: Amiable
In Prospects: Avoids Conflicts
Long time to make decision
Sacrifices own needs for others
Sales/Advertising Tips: Be friendly / build rapport quickly
Don’t rush into presentation
Stress emotional benefits
Allow one positive choice
Make decision for them

Main Trait: Analytical
In Prospects: Unemotional
Need precise information
Long attention span
Sales/Advertising Tips: Present facts
Be logical in your presentation
Use quick, precise answers
Use a direct close
Let them make decision

Peppermint Patty
Main Trait: Expressive
In Prospects: Flexible
Short attention span
Makes quick, emotional decisions
Sales/Advertising Tips: Show emotional benefits
Show proof (testimonials, articles, 3rd party endorsements)
Put details in writing
Use direct close – make decision for them
Give positive reinforcement

Main Trait: Driver
In Prospects: Very organized
Short attention span
Assertive and inflexible
Goal-oriented // wants results
Sales/Advertising Tips: Get right to the point
Stress results
Put everything in writing
Summarize key points before closing
Use 2-3 option close
Let them make the decision

The better you know your prospects – the more sales you’ll make. Remember, there’s a person behind that keyboard or desk.

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Spencer White, MBA & Internet Resource Your Advertising Resource Post. The Perfect Flextime Jobs.

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