Advertise Your Business Through Dimensional Mailers

A lot of advertisers these days are very much concerned about the success of their marketing and promotional campaigns. This is because marketing experts have discovered that flat mail strategies techniques which involve the distribution of thin and simple postcards do not generate the level of customer response desired by entrepreneurs and business owners.

Thus, market analysts are searching for effective direct mail marketing/advertising tactics which can help their clients attract and maintain the interest of their target customers to the products or services that their respective enterprises offer. Based on recent studies, one of the most effective strategies that offline and online marketers are currently employing is the dimensional mailing approach. What is this advertising business/internet marketing tactic all about? How does it work? And what tips and pointers can business owners use should they decide to employ this mailing approach? The answers to these questions will be discussed in the remainder of this article.

What is Dimensional Mailing?

Dimensional mailing is a strategy that employs the use of packages, baskets, tubes and just about anything that is not flat, to attract the attention of prospective customers. The idea behind this advertising business/internet marketing approach is that people, in general, are more excited and exhilarated to open gifts or presents placed in boxes rather than opening flat mails which usually contain direct mail marketing paraphernalia.

Many advertising experts think that dimensional mailing is a very effective promotional strategy. This is because boxed mails, packages and basketful of items are rarely discarded as junk mails. They often go past screeners, such as receptionists, secretaries and assistants, and they are most likely to reach their respective target customers.

But, it is worth mentioning that this advertising business/internet marketing strategies can be disadvantageous. The reason for this is that dimensional mailing usually entails high unit costs, especially if an entrepreneur decides to use custom-fabricated components for his advertising materials. Still, it is good to note that the large costs associated with dimensional mailers can be outweighed by the high level of customer response that they generate.

Four Tips for Advertisers

Now let us tackle some dimensional mailing tips and pointers that business owners and entrepreneurs like you can use to ensure that the direct marketing/advertising programs they intend to launch will turn out to be very successful.

– Ensure consistency. See to it that the tone, content, color scheme and design of your dimensional mailing campaign materials are consistent with your business’ color, slogan or catchphrase, logo and of course, brand image.
– Employ labels. Make sure that you place clear and easy-to-understand labels on your advertising packages. Bear in mind the fact that most mysterious-looking parcels and boxes are discarded because of security reasons.
– Follow-up. Make follow up calls one to three business days after you have distributed your dimensional mailers. This way, you can keep your customers interested about the products or services you sell out.
– Use a call to action. Make sure that your direct marketing/advertising packages contain a call to action. Encourage your package-recipients to visit the web site of your company, call your main office for additional details or place their orders or subscriptions by filling out and mailing a form to your business address.

Lisa Olsen is a junior marketing consultant and writer for Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers information on direct mail marketing, direct mail advertising and internet marketing strategies. Copyright 2010

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