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How Strong is Bubble Wrap? Hydraulic press test!

How Strong is Bubble Wrap? Or giant bubble wrap? We will use our 150 ton press and 150 load cell/force sensor to find out in this highly satisfying video
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell
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Make some large Magazine/File Boxes

I will show you how to build these strong and large file boxes. I will use my kerfmaker to make some of the dado cuts and snap it all together. Easy to build and very handy boxes for your files or magazines.
Build article:

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ASMR Bubble Wrap (plastic sounds, popping, plastic tapping)

Hello everyone I hope you enjoy this video, it was actually a request from a close friend 🙂 Love you all and I cannot believe we have almost reached 10k! That is insane :)) Your sweet comments make my day and I love knowing that my videos help you relax and make your day better. I’ve gotten a lot of hate for my channel but every kind comment or DM I receive from you all makes it worth it, I love you guys.

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-plastic sounds
-bubble popping
-plastic tapping

How to Package and Ship Fine Art Prints Cheaply and Safely for Online Orders

A demo on how to package small and big art prints and prepare them for shipment to your e-commerce customers. This is a great tutorial if you are considering selling your own art prints and small paintings online (on Etsy, Shopify, Squarespace etc.). We cover art prints sizes from small (8×10 inches) to (16×20 inches) but this can apply to larger prints as well.

Items featured in this video:
– 8 x 10 Cellophane Bag:
– 8 x 10 Backboard:
– Digital Scale for Shipping and Postal Weight:
– Tape Gun:
– 12 x 9 Rigid Mailer:
– Mailing Tube (we use 18” x 3”):
– Craft Paper Cutter:
– Craft Paper:
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Cathy is a self taught watercolor artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Easy Sunday Club was started by Cathy and her husband Nam and is a collection of Cathy’s modern paintings, art prints, and baby/children’s soft goods that showcase playful interpretations of subjects in her expressive painting style. Prior to art, Cathy got an MBA and worked in corporate for 10 years and Nam is an attorney. This channel is our way of giving back to the art community and covers Water Color Tutorials, How To Videos, Product Reviews and the Business of Art.
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Music: In French (Used w/ Artist Permission)

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Quick tip: make your own shipping tubes

These are the LED panel lights I use (affiiliate link):
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