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Successful Envelopes

Direct mail isn’t dead nor is it dying. As part of doing everything you can to keep your own direct mail efforts alive and well, you must test. One of the key components to test is your carrier or outer envelope.

Your outer envelope makes the first impression and helps your mailing stand out from the rest of the day’s mail. It gets your piece past the person screening the mail – both at home and at the office. The envelope also gets your mailing opened and read.

The challenging part is doing all this in only a few seconds – some studies say three to seven seconds.

The Checklist

Here are 25 ideas to test on your outer envelope. Some are the latest, most innovative outer envelope formats currently being tested. Others are tried-and-true tips that have worked for decades and still have a bright future. Keep in mind what’s appropriate for your offer, audience and budget.

1. Increase intrigue. Test a double window envelope with colored glassine in the teaser copy window. When the teaser copy is printed on an inserted piece in the same color as the glassine, the recipient has to open the envelope to read the teaser. It’s new, fun and intriguing.

2. Mail a control envelope that’s white. Test it against a yellow or red outer envelope.

3. Test teaser copy – specifically, product benefit vs. offer.

4. Test teaser copy vs. no teaser.

5. Test different sizes. If your control mailing is a #10, test a 6″ x 9″ or vice versa. Or try testing an executive (monarch) size envelope against a standard #10 for business mailings.

6. Try textured paper stock to make your envelope look and feel different. For large runs, envelope manufacturers such as Tension Envelope actually can emboss a leatherette or grooved texture into regular paper, saving you money.

7. If your control uses four-color, test printing your image in two-color or as a duotone.

8. If you want the high impact – but not the high cost – of a dot-whack sticker, tests have shown printed stickers can pull as well or better than stickers printed separately and machine affixed.

9. Test printing your return address on the back flap instead of in the upper left-hand corner.

10. Since you can’t control which side will be seen first, test printing teaser copy on both sides of the envelope.

11. Be creative with your envelopes. People are intrigued by unusual opening devices such as one that encourages you to rip off the end of the envelope even though it has a traditional back flap for machine inserting.

12. Test postage. Live postage stamps cost more than a printed indicia and don’t always generate more response.

13. Sometimes less is more. Create the height of intrigue by printing nothing on the outer envelope except the recipient’s name and address.

14. If you want your fulfillment mailing to look extremely important, try mailing it in a first-class mail envelope made of indestructible Tyvek.

15. If your message is innovative or you want to be known as an innovator, test a non-standard envelope (e.g., square, oversized, odd-sized). The additional postage required may be a good investment – helping your company and your mailing stand out.

16. Try a manila envelope vs. white.

17. While the anthrax-in-the-mail scare is with us, some mailers will choose to use (or test) translucent envelopes. They’re unique and showcase what’s inside.

18. If you have a four-color brochure hidden inside your carrier envelope, try mailing it in a picture window envelope that shows it off as opposed to a standard 6″ x 9″ that hides it.

19. Test a standard #10 envelope against a #14 or something similar. Envelopes this large allow you to fold your letter once, vertically making it easier to open and read. An oversized envelope also stands out in a stack of #10s.

20. Looking for something irresistible? By its very nature, an envelope is an involvement device that requires action to get it opened. Work with your envelope vendor to design envelopes that are uniquely involving, such as a double-flapped envelope with teaser copy hidden under the special end flap.

21. Try testing the pop-up back flap on an envelope that actually pulls an insert out of the envelope when you “Lift Here.”

22. If you have to use an existing envelope but still want to run a test, add a dot-whack sticker or post-printed teaser.

23. If you mailing is small enough (i.e., a fulfillment mailing handled from your office), you can use a hand rubber stamp to test teaser copy.

24. Test teaser copy that gives a strong reason to open your envelope such as “Free Sample Enclosed,” “Do Not Bend: Photos Enclosed” or “Free Swatch Inside.”

25. Test using your product’s name vs. your company name vs. an individual’s name (e.g., president, marketing director, customer service representative) as the first line in the upper left-hand return address block. This is the hot spot for mail screeners.

If you have additional ideas for getting your envelope opened, please let me know and I’ll use your story in the update article.

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Great Use and Unparalleled Services of Cosmetic Dentists

At this point, most individuals give so much interest in their physical appearances – not only to get attention, but to win over their future managers. Possessing a good aura in your first job interview is an edge. It’s one great way of telling to others that you’ve got the confidence. Obviously, having that said look doesn’t simply imply having the best dresses, black suits or killer heels but also making sure you’ve got a superb smile.Let’s admit that an established cosmetic dentist is beneficial in terms of boosting your smile. Cosmetic dentist is a dental professional that focuses in studying cosmetic dentistry. Unlike other dental professionals, cosmetic dentistry involves no training. Matter of fact, all general dentists are referred to as cosmetic dentists. Studies show that establishing the true passion of creating wonderful smiles is the top-most objective of every cosmetic dentist. With this, women and men are both provided with different cosmetic dentistry treatments.

As per expressed by American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, there are top-four treatments offered by cosmetic dentistry; these are:

Teeth Whitening Treatments – Teeth whitening is the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatment today. This is a form of dentistry that is executed by a cosmetic dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist. In essence, teeth whitening use teeth bleaching that can transform teeth.Dental Implants – Dental implant is kind of dental treatment that is regarded by many as the finest tool for restoring your smile and the structure of the teeth. Most people desired this dental treatment compared to dentures. Implants are fused to the teeth permanently, handling teeth problems, like missing teeth.Dental Bonding – Dental bonding is a powerful treatment utilized for fixing broken, chipped and cracked teeth. This is a restorative treatment which is constructed from plastic, resin material and is hardened by a special light. Fundamentally, this treatment is utilized both for enhancing teeth structure and color.

Dental Veneers – Dental veneers are often utilized for minor issues on malocclusion. In fact, this dental treatment is also employed when fixing gaps and masking teeth stains. Veneers are advantageous for those who find teeth whitening treatments not effective.

The need of seeing a cosmetic dentist is really significant. With them, you can maximize your smile and boost self-confidence.

Creative But Durable Packaging Boxes Designs

The packaging boxes might not be well thought-out a very imperative material in our era but they are unquestionably exceedingly functional and practical still grasps a far above the ground place in the world because of its facility to be so enthusiastically used. Till the era you might remember back, it is not rigid, tough and hard to remember a time when packaging boxes of any class were used and employed because of their commonality and tremendous use and employ in almost every split second of our lives. This substance is not only active and lively; it is also very long-lasting and is not straightforwardly demolish-able which formulates it even more useable in nearly every state of affairs.

Packaging boxes are made more often than not completely of the material because again of the toughness caught up. These types of boxes are made purposely for gripping items of profound weight to put aside them from harm and any other type of outside force which could cause smash up to the packaged item. If you ever get the time to watch and observe the surroundings around you, it is trouble-free to see that nearly everything that moves toward packed is forever in a cardboard covering box or file folder.

These packaging boxes were made possible, potential and promising after a man set up an elegant technique to effortlessly generate and create these boxes by making leveled cardboard sheets with foldable ends to produce a box. This was the simplest and preliminary shape of making boxes which became the foundation of all we have now to stock up our valuable and priceless items.

Now since their creation, packaging boxes have cemented the way for a lot of dissimilar industries that employ them in their daily business processes. These boxes and file folders have not in any way remained the similar since their formation; they have turned out to be more and more highly developed with the passage of time. They are now obtainable in all forms and sizes in accordance with the particular desires and requirements of each kind of customer out there. You could even come across enormously great and undersized packaging boxes for everything from dedicated superstores.

Packaging boxes for all time have and until the end of time will be noteworthy in the lives of people because they are so low-priced and uncomplicated to get and find. But if we endeavor shifting out things when changing place to another home in even the similar town, shifting our treasure, valuables and proceeds turn out to be nearly possible due to the easiness of shipping and moving them. Packaging boxes provide broadmindedness that we receive for granted. We offer cheap packaging boxes printing services to our valued customers online.

They have even developed into advertising, selling, promotion and marketing tools for companies because they are used nearly all over the place in the planet. Companies that manufacture these boxes and business presentation folders are forever certain to encompass their logo obtainable on the boxes to distinguish them from the others in the bazaar.

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