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Election 2014: Bloomfield, Munger, Steyer spending big on candidates

Election 2014: Bloomfield, Munger, Steyer spending big on candidates
Steyer and his wife have become top contributors to outside groups nationwide, including Steyer's super PAC, NextGen Climate. …. While he has no ideological litmus test, the GOP patron tends to gravitate toward candidates he believes will help the …
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ECHOtape Names New Director of Financial Operations

Montreal (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

ECHOtape, a leading industrial tape supplier, has selected senior finance executive Robert Dalcourt as its new director of financial operations.

As the director of financial operations, Dalcourt is responsible for overseeing the financial and accounting activities for ECHOtape. He will manage the accounting staff and financial responsibilities, which include overseeing the preparation of annual budgets, financial planning and monitoring, preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, overseeing audits and providing compliance reports. As well, he will help drive the company’s growth and profitability by overseeing financial operations and IT which are critical areas that continue to help ECHOtape maintain its leadership role in the pressure sensitive tape market.

“We are delighted to welcome Robert to the ECHOtape team,” said Marilyn Edelstein, CEO of ECHOtape. “He has a proven track record as a successful financial leader, and his vast experience will help oversee financial and operational management through the entire company, as well as optimize ECHOtape’s operations across North America.”

With over 25 years of experience, Dalcourt is a seasoned financial leader with experience in strategic management, accounting and finance. Most recently, Dalcourt served as the vice president of the Canadian division of a North American manufacturing and distribution company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Canada, Inc. Within that role, he successfully improved financial business operations of the organization, served as vice president of finance for the International Development, and developed a fixed asset module for the ERP system. Before joining Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2006, Dalcourt served in financial roles with AR Medicom Inc. and Air Liquide Canada, Inc.

Dalcourt holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Université du Québec à Montréal, and is a certified general accountant (CGA), as well as, a member of the Ordre des CGA du Québec (now the Ordre des CPA).

ECHOtape is a worldwide supplier of pressure sensitive tapes. Known as an industrial tape leader, ECHOtape carriers an assortment of ready-to-ship products, including but not limited to repair tape, designers tape, cloth tape, double coated tape, electrical tape, flatback, foam tape, foil tape, masking tape, overlaminate tape, packaging tape, protective tape, repulpable tape, teartape and vinyl tape. For more information about ECHOtape, visit

About ECHOtape

For more than 40 years, ECHOtape has helped companies match their specific application needs with the right tape. Serving industries across North America including manufacturing, building & construction, paper mills and paper converters, and the DIY market, ECHOtape exclusively focuses on pressure sensitive tape by bringing performance and value-wise solutions to their customers. With distribution centers across North America and an experienced technical sales team, ECHOtape continues to provide personalized service to each and every customer the same way it has since it was founded in 1973. ECHOtape remains a family-owned and operated business. To learn more about the company, call 800-461-8273 or visit

Things Are Looking Up at Outwater with the Introduction of Many New Decorative Ceiling Panels

Bogota, NJ (PRWEB) April 29, 2014

Things are looking up at Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] with the introduction of many new Decorative Ceiling Panels comprising a host of different materials, designs and colors to accommodate a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

Outwater has chosen to highlight those Decorative Ceiling Panels that acquired the most significant attention and positive feedback at the recent 2014 International Builder’s and Kitchen & Bath Shows.

1) Acrylic Ceiling Panels

The Summer Solstice and the phenomenon of the ensuing Midnight Sun, where the sun is visible for as long as 24 hours per day, only takes place for a finite period of time in the most northern and southern latitudes.

For those desiring random images of soft white clouds against a light blue sky with a bright, open airy ambiance in “perpetuity,” but who are otherwise either unable or unwilling to relocate to anywhere near the Arctic or Antarctic Circles, Outwater is pleased to introduce its new series of Acrylic Ceiling Panels.

Imagine not only having the year round opportunity to turn on the serenity and beauty of a magnificent Summer Sky at your fingertips, but also being able to fully enjoy it in the temperate, climate controlled interior surroundings of your home or office.

Offered as 2-ft. x 2-ft. panels, with six randomly mixed sky patterns, or 2-ft. x 4-ft. panels, with four randomly mixed sky patterns, Outwater’s Acrylic Ceiling Panels are designed for easy “drop in” use with standard 15/16-in. suspended ceiling channel grid systems.

An impervious, low maintenance and easy to clean surface renders Outwater’s Acrylic Ceiling Panels waterproof, mildew-resistant as well as germ and bacteria-free.

2) Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels

Think Green! Build Green! Save Green! Outwater has turned back the clock with its new offering of finely crafted, highly detailed tin-free, premium quality Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels.

Having combined the perfect mix of both texture and nostalgia with the timeless elegance and decorative grandeur of the past, Outwater’s Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels enliven contemporary and traditional fashions alike by providing charm and beauty to any room with a variety of historically accurate Victorian to Art Deco period inspired designs from which to choose.

Manufactured of lightweight 30 gauge, .010-in. thick chromium treated tin-free steel comprising 30% recycled materials, Outwater’s Stamped Ceiling Panels are available in 2-ft. x 2-ft. lay-in and 2-ft. x 4-ft. nail-up formats with complementary Filler Panels and 4-ft. Cornices for easy installation using traditional nail-up and suspension methods.

Outwater’s Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels are offered either uncoated or in an array of five different finishes. For additional authenticity, steel cone head nails are available for nail-up applications.

3) Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels

Outwater’s highly detailed, Class-A Fire Rated Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels not only enable a perfect, professional 2-ft. x 2-ft. and 2-ft. x 4-ft. glue-up or lay-in installation by anyone without their ever having had any prior experience in fabricating ceilings, they are available in a variety of different traditional and contemporary finishes to accommodate any décor.

Handled similarly to Outwater’s aforementioned Acrylic Ceiling Panels, Outwater’s Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels are designed to be installed over the exposed surface of one’s old, existing discolored and water stained ceiling panels.

Not only impact, chemical and scratch resistant, Outwater’s Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels can be easily cut with common household scissors, utility knives or razors for further customized fabrication to accept most lighting, ventilation, water sprinkler and surface mounted speaker systems.

When used with standard 15/16-in. suspended ceiling channel grid systems, Outwater’s lightweight formed Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels can be effortlessly “dropped” into ceiling grids using just hold down clips, or, if being utilized to replace existing ceiling panels, they can be easily installed leaving the old panels intact for additional stability and thermal insulation without the need for hold down clips.

Because Outwater’s waterproof Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels are mildew-resistant as well as germ and bacteria-free, they never require any follow up maintenance, readily enabling their use in difficult to access applications.

Outwater also offers corresponding snap-on 15/16-in. suspended ceiling channel grid covers as a low cost alternative to replacing or repainting rusted, stained or deteriorated metal grids.

4) Versa Tile Ceiling Panels

As a result of great advancements in manufacturing technology in conjunction with lower production and materials costs, Outwater’s newly updated version of its original Versa Tile Ceiling Panels are practically indistinguishable from the look and feel of real plaster ceiling tiles.

Now offering even better quality than Outwater’s previous Versa Tile Ceiling Panels at 40% of their original cost, Outwater’s revolutionary, new line comprises lightweight, nonpolluting, thoroughly biodegradable rigid polyurethane that simply “drops in” to standard 15/16-in. suspended ceiling channel grid systems without the use of hold down clips, and as with Outwater’s Thermoplastic PVC Ceiling Panels, easily conforms to accept most lighting, ventilation and surface mounted speaker systems.

Like wood ceiling panels, Outwater’s Versa Tile Ceiling Panels are durable enough to be tooled and even refinished as desired. However, unlike ordinary gypsum and plaster ceiling tiles, Versa Tile Ceiling Panels won’t break, stain or chip.

Additionally, because Versa Tile Ceiling Panels are dimensionally stable as well as impermeable to moisture and insects, they require no maintenance, not only making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

About Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC]:

Outwater can be contacted Toll Free at 1-800-631-8375 (for sales and product information in the USA & Canada) / 1-201-498-8750 (for sales and product information outside of the USA & Canada) or viewed online at

Outwater was founded as a brick and mortar company in August 1972 on the premise to provide small and midsized furniture and cabinet manufacturers with a reliable source from whom they could purchase plastic extrusions in the amounts that reflected their actual requirements rather than the often substantial minimum quantities that were dictated by numerous manufacturers.

From the vendor of a single product line, Outwater, with sales and distribution facilities in New Jersey and Arizona, is established as an international manufacturer and distributor of more than 65,000 traditional and innovative products required by woodworkers, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, builders, remodelers, designers, architects, point-of-purchase and display fixturing manufacturers, OEM’s, as well as a diversified range of other commercial and retail customers.

Major Product Categories include Plastic & Aluminum Extrusions; Lighting and Lighting Accessories; Furniture, Cabinet & Store Fixture Components; Knobs & Pulls; Casters; Fasteners; Laminates; The Foga Exhibit & Display Fastening System; The Klem Connector; Literature Displays; Slatwall; Sign Holders; P.O.P Components; Display Motors & Turntables; Pedestals; Injection Molded Parts; Brass Tubing & Fittings; Surfacing Materials; Interior & Exterior Polymer & Wood Architectural Mouldings & Millwork; Orac Decor and DEM Architectural Mouldings & Millwork; Columns & Capitals; Balustrading; Wrought Iron Components; Decorative Stamped Steel & Polymer Ceiling Panels; Wainscoting; Wall Coverings; Fireplace Surrounds; Plastic “Glass” Block; Period & Contemporary Hardware; Kitchen & Bath Accessories; Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry and Vanities… and so much more!


Joey Shimm, Director of Marketing

Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC

(201) 498-8750


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The Commercial Movers to Release New Report Projecting Massive Revenue Increases

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 08, 2014

The Commercial Movers are ready to drop great news for movers throughout the country: a massive revenue spike is projected for later this summer. This may come as a surprise to many who have remained pessimistic about the state of the current economy, but in actuality the housing market is becoming much stronger. The commercial moving service is therefore readying its workforce for the upcoming busier season.

The report is based on the findings of many industry analysts who research current economic trends throughout the country which are largely integrated with any commercial moving service. For example, these analysts track current employment rates, current revenue among all commercial movers, annual growth rates from past years in conjunction with several other factors, the housing market, regional economic disturbances, various weather patterns throughout the country, the stock market, the current cost of materials and labor, and more.

A company spokesperson commented on the report findings: “We were relatively surprised with the findings, as we’re sure many other commercial moving companies were. The Commercial Movers have had steady profits for the past few years, but nothing indicated growth the likes of what is expected in the coming months. Many homes and businesses have been put up for sale, while even more entrepreneurs have applied for business licenses and home owners have made inquiries into real estate in the region. We have one of the best track records in the country, and so we can expect the next months to be exciting.”

Real estate sales have grown an estimated 13%, and foreclosures have decreased 34%. This may not sound like much, but more homes are sold in early spring, and this leads to an increased demand for movers during the summer months. People usually try to move before winter, and so all homes sold during summer months usually lead to relocations in the exact same time frame. Therefore, The Commercial Movers are increasing the number of workers in anticipation of these months.

Current revenue among all commercial movers operating in the United States is an estimated fourteen billion, compared with last year’s twelve. The moving industry is connected to various other industries such as box companies, office supply retailers, and recycling companies. When the housing market improves, the country can expect an economic burst of energy, and we should see one of those this summer if current trends keep steady.

The company provides a regularly updated blog with industry news, in addition to tips and secrets that will help clients save time and money, at

Press Contact

Tom Pinkus

The Commercial Movers

(424) 238-2070

Swiftwick Unveils New ASPIRE Sock Colors in Time for Spring

Brentwood, TN (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Swiftwick, a leading U.S. producer of athletic compression socks, announces the launch of five new colors for its popular ASPIRE sock line. These socks are unique because Swiftwick does not use environmentally damaging dyes like all other sock companies. The new colors include Halo Green, Crave Pink, Razzle Red, Deep Purple and Fusion Blue to spruce up spring wardrobes. All five colors will be available in the ZERO, FOUR, and TWELVE styles.

“We find that consumers are using socks as another way to showcase their own personalities and interests,” said Swiftwick CEO and co-founder Mark A. Cleveland. “With spring upon us, these fun colors are the perfect answer to our consumers’ requests.”

The Swiftwick ASPIRE line of athletic socks is made up of compression products that are constructed for unmatched comfort, moisture management and an optimal fit. It’s thin and light for minimalist running shoes, tight cycling shoes and a tight hockey skate or ski boot. Swiftwick eliminated the toe seam using linked toe technology, which means no bunching in the toe box, no pinky toe torture, and no blisters or hot spots.

“The ASPIRE socks have been awesome in competition,” said former World Mountain Running Champion Max King. “My feet don’t get hot from too much material and sweat is wicked away from my foot, not just absorbed by the sock to make it heavy. Every time I’ve had them on in competition I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. I never have to think about my socks slipping, bunching or creating blisters.”

To learn more about Max King and other elite athletes who wear Swiftwick, visit

The new Swiftwick ASPIRE colors are available now in stores and online. To learn more or purchase the ASPIRE sock, visit

About Swiftwick

Founded in January 2008, Swiftwick is headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn. The company is a performance sock manufacturer that proudly employs an American workforce in high-quality textile manufacturing. Swiftwick is an innovator in designing and producing superior socks. The company has a culture focused on manufacturing through environmentally friendly means, social responsibility and leading customer service. Learn more at

Parents upset kids moving supplies during school hours

Parents upset kids moving supplies during school hours
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Money Saving Moving Tips and More
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At Success Academy schools, high-octane test prep leaves nothing to chance
School leaders had provided teachers with color-coded agendas with precise instructions for every few minutes of test days, along with boxes of supplies that might come in handy — from pencils and tissues to extra clothes for students and deodorizing …
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