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INVISION Announces Partnership with Rentrak for More Precise Media Measurement; Company Introduces New App, ProPost, to Streamline Campaign Effectiveness

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

INVISION, Inc., a proven provider of multi-platform advertising sales solutions for the media marketplace, today announced a partnership with Rentrak, the leader in measuring movies and TV everywhere, to integrate advanced demographics into DealMaker, INVISION’s integrated suite of ad management, optimization and analytical products. INVISION also announced the release of a new application called ProPost, which will allow clients to better manage and visualize the performance of their campaigns.

“INVISION is moving quickly to harness innovative technologies and forge strategic partnerships that will help us provide unique, adaptable solutions for our growing range of customers,” said Steve Marshall, co-founder and CEO of INVISION. “Through our partnership with Rentrak, INVISION’s customers will now have access to advanced audience data, going beyond age and gender demographics, transforming their ability to maximize revenue. We are also pleased to introduce ProPost, an integrated campaign effectiveness application. This easy-to-use tool with innovative visualization features will simplify and consolidate the manual, often painstaking, process of tracking campaigns and addressing trouble spots.”

“We are looking forward to partnering with INVISION and integrating our TV currency with their tools to maximize ad sales,” said Rentrak’s Corporate President Cathy Hetzel. “We both share the same philosophy that advanced targeting leads to effective planning and client success.”

In partnership with Rentrak, INVISION will integrate advanced data metrics directly into its DealMaker product suite to support intuitive and more precise media measurement. The partnership will give customers the power to use ‘bigger’ data to accurately measure and better monetize ‘smaller’ units, allowing for a strong and flexible competitive advantage in the market.

With ProPost, INVISION customers can visualize the performance of their deals without manual intervention and hone in on problem areas in seconds by identifying both under- and over-delivery. The application integrates with the core of advertising sales ecosystems, providing vital assistance with order management, traffic and CRM. Intuitive and easy to use, ProPost data can be viewed from multiple perspectives, from a single account executive to a nationwide sales team.

Learn more about INVISION’s partnership with Rentrak and its new ProPost technology by visiting INVISION in the CABLENET SPACE at The Cable Show.

INVISION will be providing demonstrations of ProPost and all of its solutions for media companies at the 2014 Cable Show in the CABLENET SPACE April 29 – May 1. For more information or to schedule a meeting or demo, contact Glenn Dolce at (O) +1.917.522.8566, (M) +1.917.903.1304, glenn.dolce(at)invisioninc(dot)com.

About Rentrak Corporation

Rentrak is the entertainment and marketing industries’ premier provider of worldwide consumer viewership information, precisely measuring actual viewing behavior of movies and TV everywhere. Using our proprietary intelligence and technology, combined with advanced demographics, only Rentrak is the census currency for Video on Demand and movies. Rentrak provides the stable and robust audience measurement services that movie, television and advertising professionals across the globe have come to rely on to better deliver their business goals and more precisely target advertising across numerous platforms including box office, multiscreen television and home video. For more information on Rentrak, please visit


INVISION, Inc. ( is the leading provider of multi-platform advertising sales solutions to the media industry. INVISION’s systems are trusted by top media content providers to manage over $ 13 billion in advertising revenue each year. INVISION develops software to support the ad sales and traffic processes for cable networks, broadcast networks, television syndicators, radio stations, digital publishers, and Hispanic-focused media. With offices in New York, Atlanta, and northern Virginia, INVISION’s clients include: Azteca America, BET, Bloomberg, Bravo, CNBC, DISH, DIRECTV, E! Entertainment Television, Galavision, Game Show Network, G4/Tech TV, TV Guide Network, Hallmark Channel, NBC Universal, ION, Sony Pictures Television, Telemundo, Telefutura, WGN America, Univision, Warner Bros. and The Weather Channel.

Press Contact for RENTRAK:

Antoine Ibrahim, RENTRAK, 646.722.1561, Antoine.Ibrahim(at)rentrakmail(dot)com

Press Contact for INVISION:

Debora Marrocchino, INVISION, 917.522.8536, dmarrocchino(at)invisioninc(dot)com

Kyle Giunta, RLM Finsbury, 646.805.2058, kyle.giunta(at)rlmfinsbury(dot)com

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Letter Boxes

Mailboxes and more specifically the locking mailboxes are still important and useful function of a reference point for all types of accommodation, at home or at work. In the world of correspondence, e-mail and electronic mail boxes remains a popular destination transaction where we send and receive business correspondence, and wishes, holiday greetings and personal letters. However, the time in which we live, demand protection of our personal and private information to a greater extent than ever before.

Lock Folders offer this protection for your personal identity and your financial life. Security mailboxes great deterrent for would be thieves and vandals. Locking mailboxes that show the quality of locks are the best way you can protect your personal belongings and confidential information sent or received by your mailbox.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing problems in our information rich society. Confidential information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers and Social Security number must be protected. Security mailboxes are made of solid, quality construction materials. Locking mailbox with secure locks can almost guarantee that the potential criminal will be held prior to your mailbox to another easy target.

Locking mailboxes are not to be simple and uninteresting however. Many homeowners with locking residential mailboxes to choose a particular style in addition to the architectural flair of their homes and at the same time offering the security they need. Decorative locking mailboxes provide both aesthetics and safety. Decorative locking mailboxes come in a wide range of styles and options for building materials, including copper, stainless steel and aluminum.

Houses that show the old style of Victorian architecture offers a unique elegance and sophistication. Locking Victorian mailboxes are available to compliment your Victorian style house, but no less important, they can protect vital personal and financial information, which passes through the mail. Mailbox producers seek to ensure that quality and expensive looking mailboxes, such as Victorian mailbox is also available with secure locking device.

Those involved in the theft to seek the most valuable and most vulnerable targets. Even if your mailbox is close to the porch or front door security provided by locking wall mount mail box welcome comfort. Wall-mounted mailboxes are available in many types of modern and classic styles, but regardless of style, you should insist on locking function as part of the wall of the mailbox.

Post mount mailbox is often located at least a few meters from the front door, or at best, on the sidelines. In the case of rural mailboxes, they can be located up to several hundred feet from the entrance to the house. Locking post mount mailboxes locking mailbox often insert large enough to accept incoming mail, small parts and magazines are sold in different styles.

Post mount locking mailboxes are made of different types of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. Today, your identity and financial security depends largely on the protection of your mail. Locking mailboxes are key security features that any home owner or business must put in place to prevent unnecessary exacerbations of identity theft and personal information loss.

Locking Mailboxes is a growing California small business. Specializing in the highest security postal mailboxes, letterboxes available on today’s market. Bringing the newest models that improve service of mailboxes and practicality to your neighborhood or business.

Mirror Box Therapy For Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can be caused by either too little blood to the brain, a ischemic stroke, or too much blood in the skull, a hemorrhagic stroke. Damage to the brain cause by a stroke may lead to problems with speech as well as movement in a leg or arm. The area that suffers damage and the extent of that damage will depend on which area of the brain was damaged and how badly. Studies show that both physical and mental therapy techniques can be used to improve the patients responses, and various types of stroke rehabilitation are encouraged to help regain speech and motor functions.

Stroke Rehabilitation Programs

Stroke rehabilitation typically includes both mental and physical therapy techniques. Patients are encouraged to continue with both in order to combat the damage that has been done to the brain. As well as regular exercise for those areas of the body that have been afflicted by the effects of stroke, there are other complementary exercises and therapy techniques that can also be considered.

Repairing The Brain

Following a stroke, the brain effectively stops communicating with certain areas of the brain and stroke rehabilitation not only concentrates on attempting to rebuild the physical strength in those limbs but it also aims to correct the balance between the brain and the limb.

Mirror Box Therapy

Mirrox box therapy essentially works by fooling the brain into thinking that the effected hand or leg is still working and this helps to encourage the brain to restart its communication with the limb. The brain will actively open pathways that have laid dormant until that time, so that these can be used to assist in your recovery.

Stroke Rehabilitation Methods

Use of the mirror box is a simple procedure. The affected arm or leg is placed into the mirror box behind the mirror. The eyes and therefore the bran cannot see this limb. The unaffected limb is then placed next to the mirror box and the patient exercises their healthy limb. The brain sees a reflection of the healthy limb and over time believes it to be the injured limb. provides everything you need for effective mirrox box therapy to aid in stroke rehabilitation , from the box itself to helpful guides and exercise programs.

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